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How to Find and Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts
How to Find and Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts

Twitter is removing millions of inactive accounts in a step to clean the Twitter platform and make it more engaging. Twitter rules clearly state that if a Twitter account has shown prolonged inactivity, it can be removed from Twitter:

“We encourage people to actively log in and use Twitter when they register an account. To keep your account active, be sure to log in and Tweet at least every 6 months. Accounts may be permanently removed due to prolonged inactivity.”

An active Twitter account would be seen tweeting, retweeting, and engaging with other Twitter accounts. On the other hand, an inactive Twitter account could be any account that hasn’t sent out any tweet or engaged on Twitter for over months.

As a Twitter user, you would want to follow those Twitter accounts that are active and contribute well to your Twitter feed. On the other hand, you would not want to hamper your follower-following ratio by following inactive Twitter accounts.

How to Find Inactive Twitter Accounts:

It’s hard for any normal user to find inactive Twitter accounts. Unless, you open every Twitter profile and check their last tweets and retweets, it’s hard for you to understand who actually inactive users on Twitter are. Other than their tweets, it’s still hard to understand if an account is inactive because not all signs of an active account can be seen by analyzing their Twitter profile.

However, there are certain tools that can make the task of spotting inactive Twitter accounts quite easy for you. One such efficient Twitter tools are Circleboom.

Circleboom can make it very easy for you to find inactive Twitter accounts and unfollow them. Let’s briefly learn how you can use Circleboom to get rid of inactive Twitter accounts.

Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts with Circleboom:

Circleboom is a complete Twitter management tool that helps you with cleaning your Twitter account by unfollowing inactive, fake, and spam Twitter accounts. Circleboom also helps you in building a strong Twitter network by following accounts that are more relevant to your niche.

Other than this, you can use Circleboom to schedule your tweets, automate your RSS feed to Twitter, and get your Twitter analytics. While you can learn all about Circleboom features here, in this guide I will explain how to use Circleboom to unfollow Inactive Twitter accounts.

To unfollow inactive Twitter accounts, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Login to the Circleboom dashboard by authenticating your Twitter account. Circleboom will take a few seconds to sync your account information and take you to the Circleboom dashboard.

Step 2:

On the Circleboom dashboard, click on the “Unfollow” tab on the left. From the drop-down, select “Inactives” and you will see your Circleboom page refreshing.

Now, Circleboom has listed all the inactive Twitter accounts you follow. All the Twitter accounts that haven’t sent out a tweet in a month are listed as inactive Twitter accounts by Circleboom.

Step 3:

Next to every Twitter user, there’s a red Unfollow button that you can click to unfollow them.

As Circleboom is a Twitter compliant tool, it does not permit bulk unfollow so you cannot unfollow all your inactive Twitter accounts at once. You can simply click on each unfollow button to unfollow inactive accounts.

That’s it! With these three easy steps, you can easily unfollow inactive Twitter accounts and clean your Twitter account.

Other than the simple process of unfollowing, Circleboom is also a very user-friendly tool as:

  • Circleboom gives you filters like “hide who I followed within X number of days” to make sure you’re not unfollowing accounts you’ve recently followed.
  • You can also create a whitelist of all the accounts you don’t want to unfollow despite their inactiveness. Adding these accounts to Circleboom whitelist will make sure that you don’t unfollow them by mistake.

Final Words:

With Circleboom’s free plan, you can unfollow as many as 325 Twitter accounts. For most of you, their free plan should suffice to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts.

Also, before you go ahead and begin unfollowing accounts, make sure to follow Twitter policies. Twitter prohibits aggressive unfollowing of Twitter accounts so be mindful while unfollowing Twitter accounts.

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