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How to generate an app store QR code? Boost your app downloads and more!
How to generate an app store QR code? Boost your app downloads and more!

App Store QR code is the new standard in every app marketing campaign this 2020!

Did you know that 70% of American users are already annoyed and tiredof pop-ups that advertise apps with 20 to 30-second duration? Which means, that kind of app marketing simply doesn’t work!  

With that being said, a change in marketing approach is needed. But how can marketers advertise their apps without the use of pop-up prompts to sites and applications that offer in-app ads? (that only ends app annoying users!)

The problem that resides with customers and marketers can be solved with the use of app store QR codes, and here are 5 simple steps on how to generate an app QR code.

How to generate an App Store QR code

1. Open an online App Store QR code generator

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2. Select the App Store icon on the menu and fill the required fields.

3.Generate and customize your app QR code

4.Download and test your QR code

5.Distribute your app QR code

What is an App Store QR code?

An app QR code is a dynamic “Quick Response” code that allows the storage of an application’s URL on different app stores, and when scanned, will redirect users for them to download a particular app. Users will be redirected depending on their device’s OS. 

The QR code will directly know what type of device you are using in scanning. In this way, the information embedded in the app QR code will automatically prompt download on either Google Play Store for Android or App Store for IOS. 

As the App Stores QR code is dynamic in nature, this kind of QR code allows developers and marketers to track important information such as the number of scans made, the location of the scans made, the type of device used in scanning, and the period when the number of scans is high.

 In this way, developers will have a reference on what OS will they focus on updating and the period when they will add additional features such as in-app giveaways and mystery hunts. 

Why is App Store QR code important in App Marketing? 

The main reason why there are different app stores is that technology giants such as Google and Apple have a different OS on their products, where the Google Play store works only on devices with Android OS and the App store works only on devices with IOS such as iphones and IPads. 

Therefore, it doubles the headaches app developers are experiencing since they need to develop and optimize their apps in these two large operating systems.

And this is where App Stores QR code comes into the picture! 

How to generate an App Store QR code

Here is the expounded version on how to generate an App QR code in 5 simple steps.

1. Open an online App store QR code generator like QRTiger.

The first step in generating an app QR code is finding and opening a trusted and best App store QR code generator like QRTiger. By carefully considering the guidelines in selecting the best app store QR code generator in generating your app QR code, you are sure that your QR code journey starts in a safe path.  

2. Select the App Stores icon on the menu and fill the required fields.

After you have opened an app QR code generator, click the App store field in the menu and enter the necessary data. 

3.Generate and customize your app QR code

Generate your app stores QR code and customize it by choosing a set of patterns, eyes, and colors; add the app’s logo and a tag that can catch the user’s attention.

4.Download and test your QR code

Download your app QR code in print format, either PNG or SVG; and test if it works even in print surfaces. Testing a QR code is an important step in generating since it reduces the risk of directing users to an error page. 

5. Distribute your app QR code.

Lastly, distribute your app QR code by printing and attaching it in your marketing materials like magazines, brochures, manuals, products, flyers, website, social media pages, etc.  

In printing your app QR codes, you should carefully follow printing guidelines as scanning is an important step in downloading and accessing the app. 

Benefits of an App store QR code

1. Automatically directs to the device’s default app store.

As app developers are cramming to market their software in different app stores, problems such as marketing and software mismatch occur. Instead of marketing an app for android, the app used in marketing is for IOS. App store QR codes can be a remedy to marketers and app developers’ problems. For App Store, QR codes have a feature that automatically directs the app’s download prompt to the smartphone type used n scanning. In this way, the frustration of marketing apps minimizes.

2.Provide data tracking for future research references

Data gathering is important to technology and software companies as it provides future research references on releasing new technology to the public. The feature that App store QR codes provide is substantial and reliable. Thus, statistical support on pertinent components can be provided as app store QR codes are dynamic QR codes.

3. Create multi-platform marketing.

App store QR codes allow marketers to market their apps in print and digital platforms. The creation of multi-platform marketing is realized as app store QR codes are can be printed or inserted in digital platforms.

4.Provide app optimization for smartphone users

To give users an easier experience, app store QR codes can optimize the app to mobile users, the time of loading and downloading works smoothly. 

5.Create a game-changing environment in your app marketing

As normal app marketing resides in 20-30 second duration in-app pop-up ads, app store QR codes can lessen the time of advertising an app as it only needs 10 seconds for users to see your app and also they can screenshot it for later downloads. In this way, app store QR codes can create a game-changing environment in app marketing. 

Uses of App Stores QR codes

Business and Marketing

Since companies are slowly migrating from traditional to online schemes, the use of apps such as google docs, spreadsheets, and slides are useful in tracking and navigating their business transactions. 

In marketing, the use of QR codes is adopted and somehow created a greater impact on customers. But as the business industry correlates with modernization, the need for applying better solutions in marketing and operations increases. 

With the use of app stores QR codes, tech and software companies can integrate their software and application marketing campaigns. In this way, usage of app QR codes reduces the time used in advertising a demo of their software, and application. 

Thus, the irritation a user feels while using an application lessens and creates a new gateway in marketing the product.

Promote Entertainment Apps

Entertaining apps such as social media apps, video streaming, and gaming apps are crucial in keeping people entertained during their leisure time. 

Because of the community quarantine, people find ways to keep themselves happy and active while locked up in their homes. As they are busy playing their favorite games, pop-up ads’ annoyance becomes more substantial than the experience they get in their game. 

Due to this problem, app ratings and the chance of recommending this to other users lower. You can use app QR codes for promoting or launching gaming and video streaming apps.

Promote Shopping Apps

As online shopping becomes a mainstream scheme in the new normal society, shopping apps such as Amazon Shopping, Wish, Walmart, etc.; are finding new ways to increase the number of downloads and customer checkouts. 

With the app store QR code introduction, shopping companies can attract more customers without the need to instruct them to search their app names on Google play/App store. 

In this way, they can pioneer the automatic prompt of download without the need to navigate through the Google Play/App Store interface. Also, they can use QR codes in attaching their products link and unburdening their customer in searching for it the shop’s navigation.


Learning and educational apps before were not given importance in society. But as the pandemic occurred in early 2020, these apps become a phenomenal hit as blended learning tools were needed in continuing classes. 

With the use of app QR codes, educators and students can easily relay the apps needed in their lessons without the need to search the app in the app store. Also, with its automated AI identification to the OS the device has, the scan, open, and downloads prompt works consequently. In this way, the burden of choosing and selecting the right app for the learning process lessens.


Since in-app pop-up ads bother users while they are working with it, alternative solutions such as App store QR codes can be an alternative in app marketing. By displaying mysterious and unconventional marketing strategies, you can ignite the user’s curiosity about the ad moreover, if you are an aspiring app developer and want to start your app store QR code marketing journey using the best QR code generator online!

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