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Hakki’s Pizza Leverages Social Media to Build a Brand
Hakki’s Pizza Leverages Social Media to Build a Brand

During the past few years, social media has grown tremendously. Now, there are hundreds of millions of people who use social media on a daily basis. Therefore, businesses that are looking to succeed need to make sure they have a strong presence on social media. Some of the most powerful social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest. Hakki’s Pizza is a staple of New York City and has demonstrated the power that social media has. By using social media and innovative manner, Hakki’s Pizza has been able to build a pizza empire.

Hakki’s Pizza was originally started by Hakki Akdeniz, who is from Turkey. Even though he did not start with much, and he was very careful to make sure that you pay attention to everything his parents did. In his home country, his parents ran a small bakery. Therefore, he spent a lot of his childhood learning everything there was to know about dough. Then, he decided to take his skills and bring them to New York City, where the United States is considered to be the land of opportunity. At the same time, he quickly realized that they were already a lot of pizza chains that were generating a lot of business in New York City. Therefore, he decided to take a slightly different approach.

He knew that his pizza was going to make an impact on the local population, which was looking for a new taste. At the same time, how are people going to know that he had such a delicious pizza to offer? This is where he decided to leverage the power of social media. He knew that there were tons of people who use platforms such as Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis. Therefore, he decided to start his own profiles and use these marketing tools to reach as many people as possible. Before he knew it, has pizza restaurants had more customers than he could handle.

Now, there are more than 39,000 Hakki’s Pizza locations spread throughout the region. Without a doubt, he has certainly made an impact on the local population. While social media has not been the only secret to his success, it has certainly played a major role. By using social media to let everyone know about the delicious taste of his pizza, he is able to share information on new menu items, special, location openings, hours, and more. This simply serves to demonstrate the power that social media has. It will be exciting to see where this pizza chain goes from here. A heartwarming story about a pizza business that has been built from the ground up, it is sure to serve as an inspiration to everyone.

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