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How You Can Grow Your Business Brand Through Online Marketing
How You Can Grow Your Business Brand Through Online Marketing

The process of growing a business has changed immensely with technology and the internet. Traditional marketing techniques while not irrelevant are not as effective as online marketing because of the potential reach something like a blog post has around the world. Growing a brand needs to be done carefully as you do not want to grow a brand image that is riddled with low quality work or products. Once you have established your business as one that provides high quality work at reasonable prices online marketing can be geared towards growing the business overall. The following are tips to help grow your brand through online marketing.

Educate With The Company Blog

The company blog should not be used simply to advertise sales again as this is the job of the sales pages. People come to company blogs to seek information and to educate themselves. An educated client can be a joy to work with versus a client that thinks they understand something but have very little knowledge on the subject. This can help turn the company website into a “must read” for the business niche especially when creating great content weekly. A podcast can be a way to go more in-depth on certain subjects that the company might be getting a lot of questions about as well. Podcasts allow for engagement via social media as a hashtag can be used to interact with listeners that might have questions or comments.

Showcase Knowledge Via Offsite Publications

Contributing content such as articles to offsite publications can increase traffic due to search engine rankings and readers seeing what else a writer has to say on a topic on the company website. The best thing that can happen is to have your content included in roundups that are sent around the industry in email blasts or newsletters. This can be a great way to get people on your website or reading content that the company has created.

Social Media To Help Engage/Earn Followers

Social media can be used to share content that the company has created for various outlets as well as content related to the business. This can be a great way to engage with followers and attract new followers that are interested in the type of content that the company posts. Social media can also be used as a customer service tool as some people do not go to online review sites but rather voice their concerns/complaints on social media for all of their followers to see. Respond to these publicly as this can help market the company in the sense that customers see that they care about individual experiences rather than profits.

Do Not Forget SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is an important thing to remember as search engine rankings can be impacted by a variety of factors to do with your company website. Links back to the company website or brand mentions on relevant publications can help a company rank for certain keywords. The blog section mentioned above can impact SEO as well as great resources are frequently linked back to in natural ways on websites. Loading times on a homepage of a website can impact SEO as well as having or lacking a mobile friendly site. Google’s algorithms change periodically so a SEO friendly design a few years ago might not be as friendly now so it is something to keep in mind.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to market your brand online to help it grow. Do not start marketing before you have set goals and strategies as this can result in wasting money on fruitless tactics. Start with the above tips and watch your business thrive.

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