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Top 10 Instagress Alternatives to Get More Instagram Followers
Top 10 Instagress Alternatives to Get More Instagram Followers

Whether you were a former customer or someone hoping to use them, you have doubtlessly heard about the Instagram growth service called Instagress closing down. Without marketing teams or an abundance of time to spare, small businesses and personal brands struggle to attract attention on the platform, and often resort to using Instagram automation.

Publishing content, liking posts, following the right people, posting at the most advantageous times—sometimes, the amount of responsibilities can feel like too much to bear.

Publishing content, liking posts, following the right people, posting at the most advantageous times—sometimes, the amount of responsibilities can feel like too much to bear. Instagram automation, however, makes your life much easier.

So, if Instagress is gone for good, what are you supposed to do? There are numerous alternatives out there, so here are some of the best tools for acquiring more Instagram followers:

1. SocialCaptain

Real Instagram users are getting better at identifying when an account is using fake followers and likes. One of the signs is when your engagement rates do not match your high follower count, and another is when profiles that do engage with you are incomplete or do not seem like they would be interested in your business. SocialCaptain, however, does not rely on fake profiles. Instead, they use automated marketing practices and artificial intelligence to target potential audience members. With SocialCaptain, the outreach is automated, but the attention is real. This is one of the best Instagram alternatives I’ve found in my research.

2. Kicksta

When it comes to attracting followers, you do not want simply want to find people willing to click the “follow” button and call it good. You want to buy instagram followers only real people who actually use Instagram rather than letting their profiles collect digital dust. If the people who follow you look like they haven’t logged on in ages, others might think they are phony. Kicksta also uses advanced targeted marketing techniques (such as searching for people with hashtags, usernames, or locations) to deliver you quick, real results. You can also blacklist accounts you wish to avoid.

3. Instarget

Some people need to automate more than just their interactions with other Instagram users. For instance, there is a major demand for post schedulers among businesses. Instarget gives you both wrapped up into one. So not only does it grow your following, but it also makes sure that you put out content at a consistent rate. Its scheduling capabilities include a library of suggested captions, previews of your posts, and interconnectivity with any cloud storage service you may use.

4. Instalex

Instalex isn’t just a single service. It’s actually more like several different services rolled up into one. It can automate just about every activity you can think of on Instagram, from sending out welcome messages and newsletters to followers, to responding to comments and deleting spam from your posts. It also has a sensible credits system, which can save you money in the long term.

5. Jarvee

It can be a real pain having multiple separate tools for each social network that you’re on. Thankfully there’s services like Jarvee out there. Jarvee not only covers your Instagram account, but it also works with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other platforms. Its plans range anywhere from 10 accounts from any network, all the way up to a whopping 150 accounts. So overall it’s a great way to condense all of your social media growth into one convenient place.

6. Instagrowth Ninja

Ninjas are stealthy, and they get the job done quickly and effectively. That’s exactly the traits you’d want out of a service to buy real instgram followers. Instagrowth Ninja certainly lives up to their namesake in that regard. As evident by their home page, they’re also incredibly precise about their strategy. They tell you the amounts of each action that your account will engage in each day, and give you an estimate of how many followers you can expect on average.

7. InstarocketProX

Founded in 2015, InstarocketProX began as a small passion project started by its two creators out of their bedrooms. They acknowledge these humble origins and are honest about the struggles they’ve experienced over the years. This human element is what makes them stand out against the competition. Their service is operated by real people who oversee your account and manually interact with others for you. InstarocketProX is also on-hand when you need them, with their 24/7 support always there to help.

8. Ampfluence

Ampfluence does not use bots to grow your Instagram audience. After your initial consultation (during which the Ampfluence team does it’s best to gain a thorough understanding of your audience and their social media behaviors), real humans work behind the scenes to expand your audience and maximize your engagement. Ampflulence covers an assortment of industries, so if you own a travel, parenting, photography, lifestyle brand, or something else, you can connect with the most logical (and real) Instagram users for your business so you don’t have to buy Instagram followers.

9. Nitro Social

Nobody likes internet trolls. They’re nasty, mean spirited individuals who delight in frustrating others, and they bring down the mood of any community they decide to target. They can especially be a thorn in the side of any brand trying to foster a friendly and inclusive environment. That’s why in addition to the usual selection of automation features, Nitro Social offers a blacklist function. It keeps the trolls off your page and out of your comments sections.

10. Instazood

If you’re looking for a close duplicate of Instagress, then Instazood should fill the role pretty well. It has all of the features you’d want from an automation service. The most unique aspect about it, though, is that you can pay for these features separately if desired. So if you only need something that handles your DMs or comment tracking, you can just choose the corresponding plan. This makes it a potentially more affordable option than many other similar offerings like it.

11. Kenji

Instagress let you down? Kenji is the new Instagram bot powered by A.I. that helps you get more followers, likes, and engagement than any bot you’ve tried before while keeping your account safe at all times. You can check it yourself with their 3-day free trial.

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