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How Your Social Media Influence Can Make you Popular
How Your Social Media Influence Can Make you Popular
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Popularity is the key in this digital age, and that’s not just about making money online but about selling in general. Maybe in the ages past it was okay to just start bottling soda, name it coca cola and top the market; or maybe it was sufficient to create some nice software a few years ago and kill the game, but this is not really the case in this digital world. To become popular, you need to have a digital influence on people, something they call ‘social influence.’ Social influence is the effect you have on others’ feelings, emotions, behaviors, and opinions. And this influence can make you very famous if you leverage it judiciously. Since we live in the digital age, improving your social influence isn’t so difficult and you can do that by being creative with social media. If you have a fascinating social media profile, u will surely have a huge influence on your audience and invariably become popular too. If you want to grow your popularity, you should start building your social influence today via these steps.

Discover your target audience

Remember that you cannot be known by everyone, so you should have a unique niche and a target audience in mind because these are the people you will be influencing and this is the field within which you will be famous. Think about it, Huda Kattan is a very famous beauty influencer. She can recommend a beauty product and immediately her followers are buying it. But she’s no household name in the boxing world, is she? So, you need to first identify your niche.

Micro interaction

After discovering those you really want to influence, the next thing is to start creating contents and curating them. But beware; this is where the bulk of the work lies. In order to become popular through your influence on people, you need to be delivering to them what they really want. We live in an era of micro-interaction, where people have more work to do and less time for those long contents you post on social media. Cut out the long texts and be more interactive using fewer words, images, pictures, infographics, or even videos. They might have encounter with your post for just a few seconds, and these few seconds should be enough to leave a mark on them.

Build the pull tactic

This is perhaps the most crucial step of your journey to becoming popular because it involves you playing on the minds of your audience. Think about it, you cannot force anyone to like your post, follow you, or comment on your contents. But, you can psychologically make them. How? Do you know that people are more likely to hit the like button, click the “read more” option and pass their comments when they see that thousands others have already done so? Everyone loves to have a sense of belonging and they tend to do things – especially when it comes to social media – when they see others doing it. You can utilize this fact to your own benefits. However, you may be wondering how you can use this tactic when you barely have hundreds of real-time friends let alone hundreds of social media followers to like your posts. Well, with the FreeGramLikes tool, you can get hundreds of likes for all your Instagram posts at no cost at all.


You want to grow popular right? You should be after trendy updates and not just redundant news. Find out about what’s trending and have the first mover’s advantage in your posts. You should keep your eyes on those news, updates, and alerts. And in case you can’t really keep up, you should subscribe to some online platforms like Google alerts.

Quantity and Quality

In the real-time setting, people often say quality is more important than quality. This doesn’t hold here, and you should be concerned with posting quality contents as well as posting them regularly. Remember what the ultimate goal is – to become popular – so, you can’t afford to send one post online and go into the shadows.

Be everywhere

The world of social media isn’t restricted, and while you need to be most active on one social media, you should be present everywhere. Post everywhere once in a while. Let Google recognize your presence, let everyone involved with your niche recognize your presence. This is ultimate route to becoming famous. Think about it, if you are influencing people only on Twitter, there is every likelihood that your influence would be limited to just Twitter. But, if you spread your tentacles and post on Facebook (with many users), Instagram (with active users), you are more likely to connect with a larger audience.

Don’t be too professional

Whenever you are not on professional platforms like LinkedIn, you should always try to loosen up, and not be too professional. No one really likes the ‘I, myself, and me’ posts. Interact with your followers, and give them what they want. You can always find the right time to brag about yourself, but whenever you are dealing with your followers, always let them see that you care about nothing else but them.

Conclusively, improving your social influence can help you become famous if you go about it the right way. So, it is not about whether or not you can become famous via social media, it is all dependent on how effective your social influence is.

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