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Johnny Crown Builds a Career Using Social Media
Johnny Crown Builds a Career Using Social Media

Los Angeles has long been seen as the entertainment capital of the world so it should not be surprising that some of the top up and coming music artists in the world hail from this area. One of the newest artists to make his mark is Johnny Crown. Johnny Crown is a rising hip hop artist and has a tremendous amount of creative talent. Already, there are many people who are saying that he is going to leave a lasting impression on the hip hop industry. In an era that is seeing a tremendous amount of change, it is exciting to see Johnny Crown as one of the artists taking the lead. His career is already off to an exciting start.

Crown describes himself as a modern hip hop artist. His projects have a unique sound that has already endeared him to countless fans. His biggest strengths involve lyrics and stories. While his sound is unique and personal, his lyrics tell a story to which many people can relate. Already, fans have fallen in love with the stories that he communicates with his work. It is clear that he draws upon his experiences when he comes up with his songs, holding the attention of the listener as bar after bar goes by.

Now, Johnny Crown has developed a huge following. Much of this is thanks to social media. In the modern era, young artists have numerous tools at their disposal. These tools can help them raise their profile seemingly overnight. Crown does a great job with his Instagram and Twitter accounts, helping to funnel traffic between these accounts and his website. As more people share his work, including his new song called “Isis,” his presence in the industry is only going to grow. Now, the Los Angeles project is ready for more.

Johnny Crown still calls LA home and is ready to unleash a new suite of songs. Numerous people are already following him, waiting to see what happens next. As “Isis,” the lead song from his EP called “Untitled,” starts to make waves, it will be exciting to see where he goes from here. Johnny Crown knows that there are a lot of powerful women in his life who have guided him on his journey. He seeks to give thanks to them with his EP.

While Johnny Crown may still be young, it is clear that his potential to virtually unlimited. As long as he stays true to himself, it is clear that his fans will follow him everywhere. He will continue to draw on his experiences as he writes new songs, carving out his spot in the modern hip hop industry.

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