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Social Media’s Public Nature And How Customer Service Has Improved
Social Media’s Public Nature And How Customer Service Has Improved

The ability to voice displeasure with a company via social media has led to marked improvement in online customer service. There are times where a business might not realize the customer has a less than satisfying experience. Celebrities and well-known social media influencers often join in on this as well. A business has an advantage when compared to those in the past. Salvaging a relationship with a customer would be difficult as a customer wouldn’t return to a business they were upset with. Customer retention percentages could see a positive trend by doing disaster recovery with an unhappy client/customer. Below are just a few of the many ways that social media’s public nature has impacted customer service positively. 

Lack of Response is a Bad Look

A customer voicing their complaint on social media needs to be dealt with directly. Lack of response could be viewed as a lack of care about the happiness of customers. Even something as simple as replying with a simple “Please DM us your contact information” will be viewed in a positive way by customers. The wrong person getting upset with a business can do damage. This is depending on their follower numbers could lead to thousands of people opting not to use a company. Most of the time people just want to be heard and social media is the perfect avenue to voice a complaint in an extremely public way. Which is why some companies opt for a cloud contact centre in the uk a lot of the time to avoid missing these crucial conversations.

Trends in Complaints Can Help Improve Overall Customer Service 

Seeing trends in the comment or complaints on social media gives a business feedback on where they need to improve. Data suggest that the platform that a majority of people flock to when unhappy is that of Facebook. Twitter has the next highest percentage of people that will voice their complaint in a public manner. Restaurants are often the target of these complaints whether food quality was low or service was slow/subpar. Domino’s Pizza actually took the feedback more seriously than others with a complete revamping of their recipes. Consumers appreciated the improved pizza while Domino’s looked like a company trying to please the customer at all costs. 

Employees Can Be Called Out By Name 

The worst thing that can happen to many employees is multiple complaints from customers about a particular staff member. Mentioning this person by name can lead to a reprimand or even termination. The managers of businesses or owners are commonly addressed by unhappy customers via social media. With smartphones pictures or videos can even be taken of a rude interaction or undercooked meal. Retail stores commonly track their reviews closely as the retail space is competitive. 

Problems Identifying Real Issues

There is a growing number of people that leave negative reviews or call out a company simply to be given a discount or something free. Reviews or complaints that are detailed should be viewed with more weight. A generic review/complaint from a potentially fake account shouldn’t be brushed off though. Companies are finding issues that without social media they would have never known existed. Customer service professionals can be a huge asset at any business and a dedication to customer service can allow a business to stand out. 

Customers calling out businesses on social media will only continue to increase with older generations becoming savvier with social media. The improvement in overall customer service due to social media is a very welcomed change for the better. 

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