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What Do You Want in a Business Podcast?
What Do You Want in a Business Podcast?

Business podcasts seem to be all the rage these days. I had an amazing conversation with Mike Stelzner over at Social Media Examiner about the success they’ve had with their podcast and it really sparked my thoughts about what business leaders really want from a business podcast. Edison Research revealed that in 2013 podcast adoption has leveled off in recent years in terms of growth, but 32 million Americans had listened to an audio podcast the last month. That’s an impressive number.  Many believe podcasts are set to explode with companies like BMW & Ford committing to putting Stitcher radio in their vehicles, making them even more accessible to the masses.  If you aren’t familiar with Stitcher, it allows you to combine terrestrial radio shows with podcasts to create customized onDemand stations.  As we move into the onDemand economy,  podcasts are set to play an important role for business leaders.

PodcastI won’t profess to know all the answers about what business leaders want from a business podcast because I don’t. And that is the point of this post. Rather than me pontificating about what I think business leaders want, I thought it was a great time to stop and ask the Social Media Explorer audience what you would want from a business podcast. So that’s what we’re going to do.

Please leave a comment and tell us your answers to these questions or anything else we may have missed.

  1. What are the topics you most want to hear discussed on a business podcast?
  2. Do you prefer a casual discussion or clear-cut advice?
  3. Do you enjoy controversy/debate or hosts that agree?
  4. Which of these formats do you prefer? A host interviewing a guest? A single host only? Multiple hosts with no guests? A panel of consistent hosts with no guests? Or a panel of consistent hosts interviewing a guest?
  5. If you like interview formats, who do you want to hear interviewed on podcasts? Any specific people? Or any specific types of people, i.e. job titles, brands etc?
  6. Also if you like interview formats, do you prefer ad-hoc interviews with questions relevant to the guest or a list of consistent questions that are asked of every guest?
  7. What is missing in the business podcasts that are already out there?
  8. What do you enjoy most about the business podcasts that are already out there?

Whew, that’s a lot of questions isn’t it! I debated on doing a formal survey or letting you go crazy in the comments and felt that letting you provide your thoughts in the comments would be the most beneficial for creating a useful discussion on the subject. With that…let loose! Add a comment with your answers below. Let’s figure out what business leaders want in a business podcast together.

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