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Dreaming of going big on Instagram?
Dreaming of going big on Instagram?

With 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is providing a platform to create your brand base and gives you the access to target all your potential customers and involves minimum cost. However, nothing comes easy and one has to know the tricks of the trade to get big in Instagram marketing. Your content must be great, your pictures must be droolworthy, but there still many other factors that push you to reach greater heights in your business. We are here to let you in on a few secrets that will help you climb mountains and go viral in no time.

The first and foremost factor to keep in mind in order to kickstart your Insta page is to get more and more followers. After all, that is the most integral part of your business that will drive the growth of your page. You might know your Instagram content is good, but imagine how much better it will seem if it looks like 10,000 people agree. It immediately triggers the mind of your potential clients and may end up being interested due to the fear of missing out, given that the page is trending. However, getting so many followers is a task and not a one day’s job. Don’t fret, buying initial 1000 followers can help in spreading the word of mouth and prompt others to follow the trend. Although, the followers you buy may be bots and may not be active or engaging, it will help your brand receive the light it deserves.

Whether you’re trying to become a social media celebrity or simply looking to spread brand awareness on Instagram, it can seem tempting to pay for your first couple thousand followers. But, even before you do that, make sure that your images and content game is on point.

Create and Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Choose a theme, carefully handpick the pictures you will post, create a calendar and customize your Instagram profile to make it look good. Urge your potential followers who you are, and give them a strong reason to follow you.

Confused as to how you can lure your potential clients to follow you? Start by making sure your username is recognizable and easily searchable — like your business name. Ensure to add your full business name to the “Name” field in the “Options” section — this will appear under your profile picture and under your username in search.

The next big step is to make sure your profile is public to attract more and more people to follow your profile.

Buy Instagram followers

There are plenty of services available that allow you to buy instagram followers for the price of a small Starbucks latte. To kickstart your page and increase your follower base, it’s the best option, but in no way it is an alternative to quality of posts as with time you would want your follower base to increase and be engaging.

Join Instagram Engagement Groups

If you are a beginner, another way you can increase your followers is by joining engagement groups. They will help you become more accessible to a wider groups of people and may increase the engagement on your page.

Brush up on your photography and editing Skills along with your hashtags

Nothing comes easy, even though it may look like a piece of cake, it still requires efforts. Instagram works on post quality and nothing matters more than appealing pictures. So bring out the artsy side in you, learn basic photography tips and install photo editing apps on your phone. A bad quality picture is a complete no no!

You want to grow on Instagram, you have to post great pictures! You can’t just post a  snap, you need to add a description with tons of relevant hashtags. Not just that, you need to craft your images to engage your followers — both those who follow you now and the ones you want to gain.

Run Contests and Giveaways

You want to increase your page’s fan base, let’s start with hosting contests. Everyone loves freebies and gifts, they love win and have fun — both of which you can give them by hosting these.

Even when you have a small following, you can boost your numbers if you do things correctly. If you plan to do a giveaway, you need to make sure that you’re giving away something that your audience wants and ask them to get their friends to like and follow your page. This way you can get optimum engagement along with many news followers.

So what are you waiting, let’s see you grow big on insta!

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