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6 Rules to Follow When Using an Instagram Bot
6 Rules to Follow When Using an Instagram Bot

An automation service can be your best friend when it comes to using social media. These AI programs allow you to automatically following users, like posts, make comments and send messages to others. You can track your results in real time with these programs and save yourself a lot of time when building a following, allowing you to focus on content creation.

Using an Instagram bot does come with some best practices for optimal use, though. It’s best to use such services in conjunction with real-life engagement, not in place of it. I recommended using SocialCaptain. You can read their Smart Affliate Success’ SocialCaptain review to see what they offer. If you use a mediocre bot, you risk coming across as fake or spammy. You could even be banned from Instagram if you use a bot incorrectly. Keep reading for six rules to follow when using an Instagram bot.

1. Use Only One Automation Service

The first important rule to follow when it comes to using Instagram bots to automate your social media is to only use one at a time. Utilizing more than one can cause issues that will get you flagged by Instagram.

For example, you could end up liking posts too quickly or following too many accounts in a short time span. One service is plenty to help give you the boost you need to gain followers and start obtaining engagement from your target demographic.

2. Don’t Expect Overnight Results

The point of an Instagram bot is to supplement your social media usage and to help you gain traction more quickly as you grow your presence on the platform. However, the point of these services is find real followers based on the target demographics you provide.

There’s no magic bullet that can make followers appear in your account. It will still take some time for users to notice you and follow back. Bots are meant to boost your own organic efforts, not to replace them entirely.

3. Know Your Target Market

As noted in rule number two, knowing your target demographic is important. This is your ideal customer or client group, and it’s made up of certain characteristics that are meant to ensure your followers will be interested in what you have to say.

Understanding your target market lets you pinpoint the best ways to search for your kinds of followers who will be likely to engage with you. You can choose targets to add to an automation program that help to narrow down an intended audience. This information increases the likelihood of success when using Instagram bots. A bot is only as good as the information you provide it.

4. Set Concrete Goals

Along with knowing your target market, it’s also crucial that you set concrete marketing goals in order to target the best possible follower base. If you don’t know why it is you want to grow your audience, you aren’t likely to find much success. Moving forward blindly and without a plan is rarely advised in any setting, and it certainly doesn’t work when it comes to social media use. There are lots of valid reasons for wanting to grow a bigger audience.

Not all of them will apply to you and your business. Is your primary social media goal to make more sales? Perhaps you want to create awareness of your brand or spread your message. Is follower count important to you for gaining social proof? Whatever the reason, knowing your motivation will allow you to create more precise targets for your Instagram bot service.

5. Craft Direct Messages Carefully

With an automated service, you can send direct messages to welcome new followers. This can be a really great way to encourage engagement and begin relationships. Plus, the automation saves you time. However, if you’re not careful, this step could come across as fake or spammy, which is the absolute opposite of your intent. You definitely don’t want to offend or annoy your new followers before they’ve even had a chance to get to know you.

First impressions are everything. A genuine-sounding and warm welcome message is best. If you attempt to introduce or sell your product in your direct message, do so with care. Use a soft-sell technique that offers value to your followers. Find a way to appeal to their needs, interests and pain points in order to craft an intriguing message that compels them to want to know more.

6. Focus on Building Great Content 

Building a stellar social media presence takes a ton of time and dedication. There’s so much involved in creating share-worthy Instagram posts. It definitely goes well beyond just posting a photo and forgetting it. You’re well aware that approach will never accomplish your marketing goals. Freeing up time is one of the main purposes of Instagram bots. Automation can help build your following, leaving you more time to dedicate toward creating phenomenal content.

Be sure to take advantage of this extra time by planning photo and video campaigns that serve your marketing purpose. It takes a lot of time to set up photo shoots, write compelling captions, research hashtags, launch giveaways and promote marketing campaigns successfully. However, the effort will be worth it in the end. As your social media automation service is working in the background to increase your follower count, you’ll be creating the content they want to see. Gaining a large following alone won’t help you reach your goals.

Keep these tips in mind in order to use an Instagram bot most effectively. These basic rules will ensure you get the most from your automation service and use it in ways that benefit both your new followers and your brand.

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