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5 Reasons Why SEO and Social Media Work Together
5 Reasons Why SEO and Social Media Work Together

Do you believe that SEO and Social media are independent aspects of customer engagement and do not influence each other in any way? This may be true in some aspects such as social signals do not help in your ranking. Google does not consider the links shared on social media as a factor for ranking.

 But the actual truth is that social media can actually create a powerful impact on your SEO, if you use the appropriate strategies. 

Yes, it is possible for Social media and SEO to blend and provide your ultimate target, which is audience engagement, increased traffic and higher visibility. 

Not convinced yet. Here are five key reasons why the two work together successfully.


When you publish relevant content on social media consistently, it can impact your marketing campaign positively.  Your posts on social media can be indexed by search engines provide they are relevant so people searching similar content will find them. 

For instance, if you search for information about a football team, you will find the social media pages or profiles of the team among the top search results, as it is relevant to the query. If the content is popular on social media, it will get indexed faster. 

2.Build Authority

The authority of a website is one of the factors that influence ranking. If your domain or page is of high value you can rank better. The authority of a page or site requires time to develop. Consistent and quality content and relevant backlinks are required for increasing authority. 

Since the vast majority of content is being passed on through social media, using your social media site’s influence for increasing authority can work wonders for your SEO.

3.Social Media Gives Better Perspective

SEO is all about how you use the search engine algorithms to manipulate the rankings in the search engines. When you look at it closely, SEO is not always customer centric.  

Ranking in the search engines is not just about keyword optimization. For results that really work, you need to include social media optimization.

 Social media has now become integral to search. You can easily understand your audience and focus on your target audience effectively. Social media gives you a better perspective of your content, audience and its impact.

4.Boost Brand Awareness

By sharing information and updates on your brand over social media, you can connect the brand to your specific industry effectively. 

When a potential customer searches for information related to your services or products, they can search using your company’s name directly because of your social media presence.

5.Build Better Customer Relationship

By using social media followers to build relationships, you can attract them to your company website for their concerns and queries. 

The increased traffic improves ranking and also boosts awareness about your brand. You can build a strong connection with your audience and increase the conversion rate.As you can see social media is a potent tool you can use for optimization. To enable this, you should start by availing the services of a reliable SEO company for optimizing your profile in social media, posting regularly, improving social updates and optimizing content so they encourage social sharing. By using SEO and social media, you can reach your marketing goals of higher leads and sales.

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