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An Effective Guide To Buying Backlinks: Does It Still Work In 2020?
An Effective Guide To Buying Backlinks: Does It Still Work In 2020?
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Want to climb higher on SEO rankings? Paying people to backlink your website might be exactly what you need to rank higher on searches.

There was a time when keywords were the only crucial factors affecting a website’s SEO rankings. Gone are the days when substandard websites with poor quality content could add an overwhelming number of keywords to their content and help to climb up the search engine ranks.

Google has created an online world where more than keywords, backlinks decide whether your website will top the search engine ranks or not. However, building quality backlinks can take a lot of time and effort. So, what can you do when you can’t spare the time for that?

Buying backlinks can be a shortcut to climbing up SEO rankings. But, you must try buying backlinks expertly without putting your website at risk.

Is Building Backlinks Worth It?

Does building backlinks work? Yes, it does but it needs a lot of time and effort. Everyone wants to build their backlink network but they don’t realize the kind of hard work it takes to do that.

You have to do a lot of networking, contact various websites. You have to send in a lot of emails and the work doesn’t stop there.

People often build backlinks by offering guest posts to websites. You have to send in a pitch, and let’s not forget that you have to write good, well-researched content as well.

Instead, you can simply visit a website to buy guest post backlink from. This way you get an effective backlink easily, with minimum effort or hassle.

Why Buy Backlinks?

Why is buying backlinks the better option? People often use the phrase “Time is money” especially when it comes to running businesses. If you waste time building backlinks just to get your rankings up, you reduce the amount of time you can invest in other traffic growing strategies.

Putting in that much effort just to earn some backlinks is wasteful as you can put that effort for other strategies such as creating quality content, building your brand, etc. So, if you don’t hire a person or team to help you with backlinks, you will be doing all that work by yourself.

Carefully buying backlinks can help boost your SEO ranking, without spending too much time and effort.

How Risky Is It To Buy Bad Quality Backlinks?

Google marks buying backlinks as a black hat SEO technique. If google finds poor quality backlinks and suspects that you have purchased it, they can and will ban your website from their search engine. So, you must be very careful while investing in backlinks.

Google wants to provide effective search results for its users. You must avoid your backlinks from appearing on crafty and spammy websites such as link-farms or adult sites. If your website gets banned, getting it back on becomes quite difficult, but it helps to remove that backlink.

Google is getting better at spotting bought backlinks but that doesn’t mean that buying backlinks isn’t effective anymore. You just have to work smarter than Google.

Points To Remember When Buying Backlinks

Quality Over Quantity

You don’t need a lot of backlinks. Having too many is likely to make you appear more suspicious, especially if the websites aren’t deemed trustworthy by Google.

You need your backlinks to appear on quality websites. You can try emailing a credible website and offer to buy the backlinks.

You can also buy them from websites, however, you have to be careful. Only buy from websites that are selling high-quality backlinks.

It is advisable to spend a little more money that gives you better quality backlinks. Low-quality backlinks will only give you temporary gains until google finds out and bans your website from their search engine.

Who To Buy Backlinks from?

Backlinks are sold by various individuals, businesses, and platforms. Choose carefully or you’ll get your website banned.

You can buy backlinks through manual outreach, which will take at least some network building on your part. Through this method, you can choose the specific website you are buying backlink from and can do your own background check beforehand.

You can buy it from brokers. Try to practice caution and buy it from credible sources. Be wary of PBNs pretending to be real sites as they can get your website into trouble

Some websites offer services where they build the link for you, doing the networking that you don’t have the time to do. These websites are great for buying quality backlinks.

Buying Backlinks Carefully

You need to buy your backlinks carefully. Even if you buy a quality backlink, it is better to check whether it is working well for you.

You must use a backlink checker to see who is backlinking you. There are a few things you need to be aware of. For example, if you search for the URL of the website or the brand name, does it come up? If it doesn’t show up, it is a major red flag. You must also check the DNS for no records.

There are various online SEO tools and resources that can help you determine the quality of your backlinks. After buying you must assess the quality of your backlinks.

Factors Affecting Backlink Pricing

How much you will be charged for backlinks, depends on a variety of factors. A vital factor is the kind of content you have on your website. If you are creating quality content, not only will others be willing to backlink your website for money, but you will also earn a lot of natural links.

The brand image and reputation of your website is another key factor in backlink pricing. A well-reputed website will pay less and often nothing for trading backlinks. If you have a good brand reputation and approach a website for buying a backlink, your emails will get faster replies.

The backlink pricing will differ on each platform as price ranges vary based on function and quality.


Even though buying backlinks can be risky, if you do it carefully you can climb higher on SEO rankings. Buying a few quality backlinks is better than investing in many low-grade ones. Only buy credible backlinks, even if it means spending more money.

Google is very careful about backlinks and will ban your website if it backlinks on spam or bad sites, so always practice caution.

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