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Advertising Your Trade Show the Easy Way
Advertising Your Trade Show the Easy Way

Trade shows and expos are unique experiences that help attendees network, develop profitable relationships, build their company’s band, and engage with customers interested in their services and products. When advertising such events, it is essential to have a good advertising and marketing strategy. Recently, tradeshow, expo, and conferences organizers have turned their attention toward social media advertising and marketing. These are channels used by a growing audience and keeping up with the latest developments and events in different niches has never been easier. Below are some smart ways to use social media to advertise trade shows and expos, the easy way.

Facebook is Still a Marketing King

Using Facebook for business marketing purposes is not a novelty. Nonetheless, it is one of the most sought-after advertising methods out there. A growing number of individuals are using Facebook to get their news, updates, and information on the latest trends on a daily basis.

Facebook is a great networking tool, allowing you to create connections with a diverse audience, in various corners of the world. For instance, reputable trade show planners and event organizers in New York City have extraordinary Facebook marketing campaigns, letting people from different corners of the world learn more about the event, the attendants and the venue in a fast and easy fashion.

Instagram Influencers in the Niche

When influencers in the niche are available and you can get in touch with them, Instagram is an extraordinary outlet to make your event known to the wide audience. This is a great approach, regardless of the niche the event itself is targeting and can work amazingly since people are gradually turning their attention to Instagram and the ease with which they can access information by using it.


Blogging, and especially guest blogging is a great solution for all trade show and expo event organizers to use to spread the word out regarding their events. Ideally, you would find a reputable blogger in the niche and have a guest post published on their platform about the event. The content should be packed with information and interesting facts about the event, the venue and the guests, the speakers and so on. Also, you should expose in a structured fashion the opportunities that will open for all attendees if they visit your event and engage with other visitors and experts in the industry.

Twitter Updates During the Show

Twitter is gaining more and more traction each day in terms of advertising potential. Live tweeting to let your audience know more about the developments of your event is a great way to create buzz around the event. This method performs amazingly and raises their interest in attending the expo. Create a unique hashtag for the event and have attendees use it before, during, and after the event to raise awareness and gain more traction.

Use these pieces of advice to raise awareness and improve the success of your event. These methods have been tested and proved successful on multiple occasions by businesses and event planners all around the world.

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