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Bennet Schwartz Sydney Creator Discusses How Social Media Is Changing The Creative Design Industry
Bennet Schwartz Sydney Creator Discusses How Social Media Is Changing The Creative Design Industry

The design sector has been changing for several years as the use of social media platforms has grown. The growth of social media platforms has been a benefit for brands and customers, whom Bennet Schwartz Sydney creative believes have higher levels of customer engagement. Schwartz sees the design sector as reflecting and predicting the trends of customers. The use of social media affects the items consumers purchase and where they gain their information. For example, over 70 percent of Instagram users have used the platform to research the products they wish to buy.

Fashion Takes the Lead

The BCD Network explains the use of social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, has already impacted design. The fashion sector has been taking the lead in the use of social media, according to Bennet Schwartz. The creative director explains brands in the fashion sector are designing marketing materials that are scalable across different media. 

The growing trend for live video streams posted to Instagram allows brands to reveal their latest products directly to consumers. Uploading new designs to social media platforms allows real-time feedback to be received that affects the direction a brand takes in the future.

A Change in Attitudes

A changing design sector is becoming focused on the different mindsets of millennials. The evolution of the design sector is being affected by social media platforms in a range of ways, including the images that appeal to millennials. Amassing more products is not the most important aspect of life for Millennials, which Bennet Schwartz explains must be reflected by the marketing sector. A glance through Instagram should be enough for a marketing expert to see where the priorities of Millennials lie. Bennet Schwartz explains the popularity of travel photography shows experience and memory are more important than buying the latest products. Schwartz points to the importance of quality and style to Millennials as a sign of the change in attitude from the Baby Boomer generation. 

Does a Brand Work on Social Media?

The rise of social media platforms is changing the design sector because of the need to perform well on Instagram and Facebook. Design specialists, like Bennet Schwartz, have been focusing on rebranding companies and products to make sure they are easy to identify on social media platforms. A high-quality design now works across several platforms, with the rise in the minimalist design of the 21st-century based on the rise of social media use. Bennet Schwartz Sydney creative director explains minimal design makes a brand easy to identify for followers scrolling through a social media timeline. 

Changing the way Information is Passed

Platt College reports the use of social media has affected the graphic design and copywriting fields. Information is being provided in different ways by brands who want to have an impact via social media. The latest information provided through a social media post needs to be easy to understand in a shortened form. The use of images continues to grow, along with shortened paragraphs and abbreviations. By getting to the point and providing only the information required, designers are changing the marketing sector.

The Rise of Smaller Brands

The evolution of a brand is both easy to identify and more difficult to plan in the era of social media. The rise of smaller brands is an area Bennet Schwartz believes is vital to the development of the economy. Instead of only the largest brands in the world being able to reach customers around the world, it is easy for a small brand to target customers in different areas. A small brand will be able to target a nearby state or territory or look across the planet to a different continent for new customers. Smaller brands have always been important to the global economy, but they are growing in importance for design experts like Bennet Schwartz. 

First Impressions are More Important Than Ever

The traditional marketing rules are being thrown out of the window as social media rules become more important. The development of social media platforms as a vital source for designers has placed the focus on the overall view of a brand. Designers are placing their attention on the overall design of the brand as the avatar, page design, and post content changes the way brands address their customers. Switching the approach to meet the needs of consumers using different social media platforms means making an excellent first impression. Consumers are giving less time to brands to make a positive impression, with a decision about buying a product or service made in less than one minute by most social media users.Social media and excellence in design go hand-in-hand. For designers, the challenge is to provide their message in a single image or short post. By using the shorthand of social media, brands are enhancing the relationship between themselves and their customers.

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