Changing To-Do Lists To To-Be Lists
My Social Media 2011 TO BE List – What’s Yours?
My Social Media 2011 TO BE List – What’s Yours?

Right now, you are probably walking around with some sort of list detailing the things you need to do, tasks you need to complete, and strategies you need to implement for the coming year.

To-Do lists are great for keeping us organized and helping us get through our busy days, but do they really help us accomplish creating the image, person, and character needed to run our business or live our lives more successfully?

What would happen if we turned that TO DO List into a TO BE list? What if at the end of that busy week, we could look back at all the things we accomplished that helped us discover our strengths, foster important relationships, and live a more balanced and joyful life?

To-do list book.

‘Being’ and ‘doing’ are inseparable aspects of the human condition and attention must be paid to both, so I’m giving this a shot in 2011. I have started my TO BE list detailing the kind of person, business, and organization that I am willing to work hard on becoming and developing in the next weeks and months.

It is not complete by any means, but here’s my start:

To Be List -January 2-January9, 2011:

  • TO BE more open and willing to share content that will empower and engage my customers in new and innovative ways. Tools like Shareaholic and Friendfeed make this easy and simple.
  • TO BE more engaging on line. Comment more, share tweets of value, and extend the conversations beyond the chit chat. TwitLonger , Tweetalot, and Plurk are great ways to take your connections to the next level.
  • TO BE more aware of my impact. Monitoring the velocity and reach of my contributions can help me be more targeted in my efforts. I love TweetReach and Klout as they give me insight into how I can be better impacting and influencing the conversation.
  • TO BE more intentional; acknowledging publicly the contributions I see others making. Add members of Your Dream Team to a Twitter List or let your Top Followers know why they matter. I use the #WF-Why Follow to add to my #FF Follow Friday picks

At the end of this week, I hope to look back and see how much I have accomplished in these specific areas. (I have a sneaking suspicion, that if I can accomplish this; my “To Do” lists will be impacted as well.)
If you value being number one, increasing your market share, creating a more loyal following, or developing more powerful relationships, then you need a TO BE list and action strategies to ensure success.

What will  your TO BE  be in 2011?

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