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3 Social Media Tips for Property Managers & Real Estate Agents
3 Social Media Tips for Property Managers & Real Estate Agents

Are you a real estate agent or property manager? If so, you may understand the fact that social media can help you advertise properties more effectively. However, you also might not know exactly how.

Don’t worry if this is the case! Advertising a property on social media can be quite easy. To leverage social media to its full potential, keep the following tips in mind:

Run Facebook Ads

Unless you’re advertising properties to attract investors instead of buyers or tenants, odds are good your target audience will generally consist of people who live in the area you serve. For example, if you’re advertising a property that’s based in Houston, you won’t necessarily need to market it to people who live in New York City. That would simply be a waste of your time and budget.

This is one reason to consider running ads on social media platforms when advertising properties. Although ads are not a substitute for an active social media presence, they can be a helpful means of optimizing your return on investment.

That’s because social media platforms usually give you the freedom to target an audience based on various factors when running ads. For example, when advertising on Facebook, you have the option to decide which part of the country you want the people who see your ads to be from. This helps you avoid wasting money on ads that are seen by people who live too far from a property to purchase it or become tenants.

Additionally, you can define your audience by other factors that may be important to you, such as age range. After all, if you’re a property manager or real estate agent, it’s highly unlikely any of your customers will be children.

Use Video

In both your ads and social media posts about properties, don’t rely solely on still pictures to highlight them. To truly show off the most attractive elements of your properties in a way that’s dynamic and interesting, incorporate video into your marketing efforts.

The idea that incorporating at least some video ads into a marketing campaign may be more effective than relying solely on ads and posts with still images isn’t merely a theory. There’s strong evidence supporting this notion. Research tends to indicate that video ads generally receive more user engagement than still picture ads on social media. With a video ad, you can also record a voiceover, sharing important information about a property you’re advertising while the video plays.

Answer Questions

Social media is an important marketing channel in virtually all industries because it’s quite unique when compared to other channels. Most types of marketing involve sharing information or content with an audience but not listening or responding to their reactions. Most marketing is a “one-way street” in this regard.

That’s not the case with social media. On social media, you have the ability to have a conversation with your audience. This can increase their sense of connection with your brand.

It can also allow you to address questions or concerns that your customers may have. For instance, perhaps you post on social media about a property you’re marketing, but some potential customers don’t feel your post shares enough information to let them know whether it’s worth visiting said property to learn more.

Luckily, it’s social media. They can simply reply to your initial post with their questions. You can reply back, sharing the information the initial post may have been lacking. This can also provide you with insights that may be valuable when you’re designing posts and ads in the future.

All that said, it’s important to remember that social media marketing is a skill that develops over time. Applying these tips won’t necessarily turn you into an incredible social media marketer overnight. It will, however, help you better understand why social media is such a valuable tool for real estate agents and property managers.

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