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4 Steps to Revive an Abandoned Social Media Account
4 Steps to Revive an Abandoned Social Media Account

Statistics show that the average Internet user had 7.6 social media accounts in 2017. Keeping up on these social media accounts is difficult. You’ll also find that some accounts may not be beneficial to you. Businesses, for example, may find out that Twitter isn’t the best use of their time, so these individuals will focus on Instagram or another platform.

For any account that is abandoned, it’s always difficult for a person or business to get back into the mix and revive their account.

Fear is one issue, but there’s also the concern of what to post or do. You have abandoned your followers, but don’t let this fear stop you from taking the next step and reviving your account. Followers are often forgiving, and they may even be willing to give you a second chance.

1. Start with a Real Campaign

I was recently looking at a criminal defense lawyer’s social media accounts, and they have all been abandoned for more than three years. A lawyer that is based in New York, New York has a lot to talk about and an audience of 8.6 million residents.

There’s no reason for this lawyer not to use social media.

But digging deeper into the account, it’s easy to see that the lawyer didn’t run a real campaign. A campaign must include:

  • 2 – 3 updates daily
  • Strategic posts
  • Engagement
  • Using the right hashtags
  • Monitoring activity

What’s the goal of the campaign? Do you want increased clients, do you want followers to go to your site? Start social media with a purpose, and revive your account with a targeted social media campaign.

2. Update Your Profile, Bio and Images

Revive your account with a fresh look. You need to provide a new vibe, and this means updating everything from your biography to your images and anything else that your profile may include. An updated account profile or page will attract the attention of followers that had assumed your account had been abandoned.

3. Just Start Engaging

Put your worry, fears and information overload aside. There’s a lot that you can do to revive an account, but you need to start engaging today. This may mean:

  • Updating your profile
  • Sending out your first Tweet in months
  • Commenting on a follower’s post

Let the world know that you’re back by getting right back into the mix. If you’re not sure you’ll be able to start posting on a normal schedule, head over to Buffer and sign up for a free account to schedule out your posts.

4. Focus on One Platform at a Time

Keeping up with one social media account is difficult enough. But since most people have over seven accounts, this makes it even more difficult to focus on each platform. It’s an overwhelming feeling when you need to keep up with numerous accounts.

Instead of trying to do it all, focus on just one platform at a time.

You may want to focus on Twitter, or you may want to focus on Instagram. Don’t abandon your accounts that are currently active, but also don’t try to revive five social media accounts at once. Allow yourself time to get your social media strategy in place and remain consistent with one platform before trying to revive an additional account.

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