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4 Ways to Increase Page Likes, Followers and Fans
4 Ways to Increase Page Likes, Followers and Fans

Is your Facebook page or profile not picking up traction? When small businesses start their Facebook page, they often “assume” that they’ll pick up traction quickly. The problem is that there are tens of millions of small businesses competing with each other.

It takes work and precision to connect with customers or readers.

In 2013, a Facebook fan was worth $174. While this figure has likely changed, there is value in each fan you have. The goal is to increase your likes, followers and fans. But how can you start to generate the buzz to get likes, followers and fans?

1. Start Collecting Emails From Readers and Customers

A big mistake a lot of brick and mortar businesses make is not transitioning to the digital age quick enough. You need to start collecting emails, whether you’re a blog or sell goods at a store. Even barbershops are collecting emails.

You can use email for marketing, but in this scenario, you’ll be using email to boost your social media presence.

When you make a sale, send out an email encouraging the person to connect with you on social media. You can link up your company’s Facebook page or your personal page – or both. The goal is to leverage these contacts so that they become followers as well.

2. Purchase Facebook Ads

If you’re serious about getting your page in front of your target audience, you can start to purchase Facebook Ads. You’ll be able to leverage Facebook’s platform internally, targeting people in your:

  • Demographic
  • Local area

With 2 billion people using Facebook every month, your ad will reach its target audience. The goal is to get people to your page with a hyper-relevant, professional advert that causes the reader to take action.

Click costs, on average, are $0.27, with Hootsuite claiming that CPM’s are worth $7.19.

3. Offer Exclusive Discounts

Fans and followers want to be part of an exclusive group, and offering exclusive discounts is a great way to entice people to become fans. One study showed that 42% of people decided to “like” a brand’s page because of an exclusive coupon or discount.

Exclusive discounts are always a great way to generate buzz for your page.

If you have your fans also share the page with others as a way to get a discount code, this will generate even more buzz for your page.

4. Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers are a great way for businesses and blogs, of all sizes, to start generating buzz. This is a paid option, and it can help you generate sales, build your mailing list, promote free events – anything.

You’ll want to go to your Facebook page and then in the status update box, choose “Offer.”

You’ll have to work through the prompts, but they’re very intuitive to follow. The offer can be pinned at the top of the page, and you can ask your followers to share it with others.

If you’re willing to give out discounts or free items to followers, you can definitely boost your following and fans. All you need to do is ask people to share or like the page’s post and to ask others to become fans of the page.

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