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4 Ways to Use Social Media to Research Potential Vehicles
4 Ways to Use Social Media to Research Potential Vehicles

Buying a new car is an exciting experience since we usually don’t do it often. Researching the different vehicle options is a task that is both fun and challenging because of so many factors to consider such as the features of the car, reviews from other drivers, and ultimately if it will fit your current and future needs.

A tool that is often underutilized when researching potential vehicles is social media. Social media is a great place to find information when in the research stage because you’re able to see the perspectives of car brands, dealerships, and real customers. Here are the top four ways to use social media to research your next car.

1- See Customer Photos

A big advantage of using social media as a research tool for your next car is that customers post a lot of photos of their cars. This gives you a first-hand glimpse into how the car looks as well as the opinions of other customers. User-generated content is helpful in these situations where you may not see a car in person until you get to a dealership. Social media users will take photos of both the interior and exterior of the car, and many will include details of the car in the caption of their post. You can find the exact vehicle you’re looking for by typing in the car’s year, make, and model in the search feature of the social media platform to see relevant posts.

2- Follow Car Shopping Websites

Car research websites are on social media to showcase their inventory as well as the new models that are out. This gives you the inside scoop into news in the car industry and the ability to research your next potential car. Turn on post notifications inside the social media apps so you don’t miss a post from the accounts you follow. Also, remember that car shopping websites can have multiple social media accounts across different platforms, so make sure to follow all of them to stay in the know.

3- Read Real Reviews

Social media also allows you to read reviews created by other customers who have the cars you’re interested in. Seeing the honest opinions of other drivers and what their full thoughts are about a vehicle you’re interested in will give you the much-needed reality of the car and if it’s truly a good fit for what you want and need. Real customers are the most critical of any product because they’re spending their own money on it, so reading their reviews of a car you’re eyeing will give valuable insight into your purchasing decision.

4- Ask Questions

The point of social media is to be social, so don’t be shy to ask car dealerships, experts, industry leaders, and other customers the questions you have. Once you find a post with a car you’re interested in, simply leave a polite question on their post, and more than likely you’ll receive a response. You can also send a direct message through most social media apps if you’d like to have a private conversation with them. This is a great way to find more information that you may be missing from your research.

Researching new car options is a major task because of all the information to gather and the considerations that need to be made. Since this is a big decision, do your homework first to understand the vehicles that interest you, and take into consideration your wants and needs.

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