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5 Diamond Alternatives for a Unique Ring to Post About
5 Diamond Alternatives for a Unique Ring to Post About

Gone are the days when an engagement ring purchase demands an equivalent of three months’ salary. Engagement rings are becoming more an expression of a couple’s unique personal style.

Toss out the traditional stones in your engagement ring and opt for diamond alternatives. Gemstone engagement rings offer original designs that are durable and beautiful. 

Take a look at this shortlist of diamond-free engagement ring options.

White Sapphires

While white sapphires don’t refract as much light as diamonds, their sleek style surpasses diamonds in many ways. White sapphires are whiter and sometimes clearer than diamonds.

Compliment the clarity with colored metals and gemstones. White sapphires are sure to last for years without scratches as it’s hardness level is second only to diamonds.


Moissanite rings offer the best options for diamond alternatives. These rings sparkle with the same light refraction as a diamond at a fraction of the cost.

Some moissanite rings shine brighter than diamonds leaving a rainbow effect in natural light. If you’re looking to pass your moissanite ring off for a diamond, opt for smaller stones with less shine.


Solid gold wedding rings are a practical choice for couples who don’t like the pomp and circumstance of wedding traditions. The unending circle of the engagement ring reflects a commitment without frills.

Gold bands are easy to engrave and come in a variety of color choices and textures. Your engagement ring can transform into matching bands or reflect each partner’s individual style.


Rose gold is a trend that’s here to stay. Choose a Morganite engagement ring with a rose gold band for any bride who adores pink.

The blush pink gemstone also looks great with contrasting band colors like platinum or white gold. The stone also comes in peach for a softer reflection of light.

Morganite is commonly sold by jewelers who specialize in alternative gemstones. 


Turquoise is especially beautiful for the bohemian bride. Both affordable and widely available, turquoise rings don’t require the help of a jeweler. 

Shop for turquoise engagement rings at boutiques or arts festivals where vendors sell handcrafted jewelry. It’s a great option for the bride who wants a unique ring that firmly goes against tradition. 

The Case for Diamond Alternatives

Ethically sourced diamond alternatives bring with them the gift of fair trade and new family traditions. Moissanite and Morganite might not be household names, but the beauty of these gemstones mirrors that of the most popular gemstones on the market.

Skip the need to finance your future by choosing a diamond alternative that fits your budget. For more lifestyle tips, please check our blog for updates. 

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