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5 Innovative Ways Influencers Are Making Money Online
5 Innovative Ways Influencers Are Making Money Online

Being an influencer is much more than simply posting photos or making videos. It is a full-time job that involves creativity, editing skills, marketing, and outreach. There is a lot of excitement in the influencer industry and rightly so. However, it can be hard to make money. Here are a few ways that some of the savviest and most successful influencers are making money. 

1. Patreon

Patreon is a membership-based service for creators. As an influencer, you can use this service to make money creating and publishing posts. Your biggest followers and fans will sign up for your community and content.  

However, Patreon is not free money. You still have many tasks and responsibilities if you want to see several dollar signs each month. For example, you must build up your community. You must create your Patreon page, decide the type of content you wish to create, and build a following. Most importantly, you must generate content that followers love, that offers something to them, that evokes emotion, etc. Patreon gives you the opportunity to be creative while making a steady stream of revenue. But, it’s yet another platform for you to manage, and you might consider switching to one of the alternatives.

2. MessageTribes

 The average American looks at his or her phone approximately 58 times a day and text messaging is an important reason why they do so. Individuals 18 to 24 years-old send and receive 128 text messages per day on average. Those above age 40 are also in on the act, sending and receiving dozens of messages per day. All of that text messaging activity is also a high priority. Approximately 98% of all text messages are read and 95% of messages are read within three minutes of being delivered. These statistics show that reaching fans through this medium is key to success for the savviest influencers.

Subscription-based text messaging is a simple way to reach your fans and get paid. Influencers can make money by sharing a sign-up link with their fans. Followers who subscribe receive an exclusive feed of text messages. MessageTribes is a popular platform that lets influencers schedule text messages days or months in advance and sends them a monthly check with fan subscription payments. 

One major advantage is that you don’t have a daily task, but can instead batch messages ahead of time. With high stickiness after signup and batch scheduling flexibility, subscription text messaging is a steady, passive income stream that supplements other efforts with little additional effort.

In addition to generating a steady, reliable subscription revenue stream, influencers are finding that they can make a nice side income from the referral programs that these platforms often provide. 

3. Podcasts and Webinars

Creating digital content such as podcasts and webinars are an excellent way for influencers to reach their followers, distribute content, and make money. It is also low-cost and easy for followers to access, making it an appealing option for many individuals. 

Podcasts, for example, are an excellent way to deliver content regularly to fans. It is an exceptional way to increase your influence and build your reputation as an expert and a thought leader. Webinars are also a simple way to distribute content and educate your followers. Plus, once you have the equipment to create the program, it costs very little and you can easily reap a profit. 

There are many ways to build your revenue with these options. One of the most popular is to charge subscribers a small fee to access the content. Podcast-hosting companies such as Libsyn enable podcasters to create private feeds. It provides them with private label podcast listening apps dedicated to individual shows that listeners can pay to access. You can also make money through advertisements on your program. A handful of influencers will work with companies and brands to create these programs and will make money through this partnership. 

4. Private Access on Social Media

Creating “close friends” groups and paid channels is becoming a popular money-making method on social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitch. To help build a following and increase revenue, some influencers are creating V.I.P groups or “close friend” groups where subscribers pay a small fee to access exclusive content or be granted access to a certain social media page. These individuals may have access to certain features and tools on the social channels that others do not. 

Some influencers are only charging $1 to $2 per month for followers to gain access to this content. However, when you do the math, you will see this is a fast and easy way to bring in a large sum of money. For example, if you accept 500 of your 10,000 followers in the group (that’s only 5% of your followers), and you charge them $2 each month, that’s an extra $1,000 you are making every month from this exclusive content. 

5. Micro-Content Sales

For macro-influencers and celebrities, several platforms such as Cameo, Greetzly, Starsona, and CelebVM let you sell short, personalized shoutout videos to fans. These services allow fans to purchase a personalized digital message from a celebrity or influencer. Fans can choose from thousands of celebrities and pay to receive or send a video message to a recipient of their choice. Influencers and celebrities set their own price. Influencers with greater fame typically generate premium prices.

For influencers, it is easy to be placed on the list to create these personalized messages and receive payment. By simply filling out a quick form that provides personal information as well as data about your social media following, you are on your way. Keep in mind that these  services keep 25% or more of the money you make from these personalized messages. 

If you are a social media influencer, it is up to you to create a strategy and monetize your content. New research shows that 86% of young Americans want to become influencers. They want to be paid for the content they are already sharing and posting on their social channels. However, they first need to develop a strong business plan. By being innovative and creative with your marketing approach, you can reach your followers, create high-quality content, make money, and have a job you love.  

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5 Innovative Ways Influencers Are Making Money Online
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5 Innovative Ways Influencers Are Making Money Online
There's lots of excitement in the influencer industry but it can be hard to make money. Here are 5 ways that the most savvy influencers are making money.
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