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5 Reasons To Make Your Social Media Multilingual
5 Reasons To Make Your Social Media Multilingual

Multilingual social media has incredible potential to attract new target audiences. Let’s see: the internet has more than 3 billion users, with even more than one account per person. Many businesses do not want to understand this fact and make it work for them. And most of their potential customers would be more likely to buy a product if it spoke their languages. It is not a witty remark: we mean sought-after languages like German, Chinese, or French.

Sometimes companies hire several native-speaking social media managers to maintain their multilingual accounts, but if you do not have a corporation, it seems more reasonable to look for professional translation services online.

In this article, you will learn 5 reasons why using more than one language on social media can be beneficial for your business.

1. Brand Awareness

According to CSA research, more than 70% of people spend more time on websites and apps in their native language, and more than 40% of global customers won’t buy anything if it is written in another language. Let’s not mention that most customers browse information in their language just from the point of view of convenience, and, of course, not everyone may know your language to a decent level.

This means that if you work or plan to work with clients from different countries, if you want to engage new customers who speak another language, or you are trying to reach an absolutely new market, multilingual social media is something you definitely need to consider.

2. Visibility and Engagement

If you are authentic in your social media if you show that you are not just a company, but there are real people behind the company’s name, you will surely find a spot in clients’ hearts. You can share the company’s story, values, and even lifestyle. When social media users like what you do, they share your posts with friends and interact with the content, and that is how more and more people get to know you. If your competitors are active on social media and you aren’t, you can be sure you are losing a big part of your customer base.

3. Search Ranking

It is not a secret that social media activity impacts search engine optimization. That means the more you post on social media and the more your followers interact with your content, share, and like your posts, the higher your website rank is, and the closer your website is to the top of Google Search. 

And if your visibility on search engines is high, no matter what kind of business you run, it will lead to higher brand awareness, website traffic, new clients, and revenue growth.

4. Customer Loyalty

To obtain loyal customers on social media, your content should resonate with their needs and concerns. No way should it be brand-focused. 

You should carefully craft any message you post on social media. Sometimes it is better to localize the content rather than translate it. This matters: because you want to preserve the original meaning of your thoughts, don’t you? There are many specific customs and traditions, jokes, and local puns whose meaning might be missed if simply translated. When your customers see that you are taking the trouble to convey your message in their language, they cannot help but become more loyal.

5. Conversions

As we have said before, in the modern world the majority of people are willing to pay more if a company gives information about a product in their native language. It gains more trust because people perceive the specific idea and emotion you are implementing in the offer. 

Social media advertising campaigns are affordable for big businesses as well as for medium-sized and small companies. Moreover, they represent one of the quickest ways to make first sales in a regional market. All you need here is a сompany page with high-quality content and a few ad creatives who stand out from the crowd. 

In case you still have doubts as to whether it is worth investing in multilingual content for your social media pages, stay tuned. According to the Content Marketing Institution, content marketing gives three times more leads per dollar spent than outbound marketing and costs 62% less. Bear in mind that your social media will help you bring in more people, but the only way to keep your new audience is with the content you create!

Bottom Line

Not every company needs multilingual social media. It mainly depends on your goals and aims, budget capacities, the size of the company, and your human resources. Unfortunately, not every business can afford to have several native-speaking managers who will maintain pages with various content. And, of course, you may not even want to be present in all the markets equally.

But if you do, there is no need to be afraid to try something new and get experience. Social media helps us build trust among our clients. You can check a hypothesis at low cost, experiment, and ask for clients’ opinions before releasing something new. Thus both of you will benefit!

Nowadays, social media has great potential in sales. So, we come to the conclusion: if your goal is to internationalize your company and enter foreign markets, you should definitely choose to develop your social media presence.

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