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Top 10 Content Marketing Tools for the Year 2021
Top 10 Content Marketing Tools for the Year 2021

No machine can replace human minds when it comes to deploying effective marketing strategies. However, the content marketing software nowadays provides a lot more options to enhance your marketing campaign that would result in achieving rapid growth in your business.

There are hundreds of content marketing software available and each has various distinctive features that serve different marketing purposes. In this article, we have presented the top 10 content marketing platforms that would surely encourage you to apply unique marketing strategies for expanding your business.

10 Industry-best Content Marketing Platform


  • Semrush is one of the most robust end-to-end content marketing platforms that helps you create data-focused content marketing strategies according to your customers’ needs. You can go through it’s content distribution guide too. 
  • This tool is helpful in segmenting content marketing workflow. You can plan each category from ideation to planning, creation and measurement.
  • Editorial Calendar is another feature that allows users to add topics that will help them manage all the activities and review campaign performance.
  • The platform also offers a rich text editor where you can review the content concerning your target keyword. It gives insights on SEO, content readability, and tone of voice.


  • Ulysses is the first choice for thousands of writers and content creators to satisfy their writing and drafting needs.
  • Unfortunately, this content marketing tool is only available for users who own Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This could be considered as its solitary drawback.
  • It is less buggy than other competitors and has a wide range of features. It is stable and offers a more organised content strategy compared to Google Docs.
  • If you are looking to manage tons of content, then Ulysses is for you as it allows you to set goals, review stats, and create flawless designs.

Google Docs

  • Google Docs is to content marketing what a mother is to home. This is the platform where all of the work gets done before the final showdown.
  • It has a simple user interface and provides an excellent user experience. It is best suited for collaboration and the company’s internal data management.
  • The best feature that comes along with Google Docs is that you can upload any file directly to your CMS.
  • More importantly, Google Docs is completely free and has functionalities and features similar to MS Office.


  • In August 2018, VentureBeat reported that WordPress covers 30% of the internet. Hence, we can say that it is the most popular and widely used CMS platform in the world.
  • WordPress is an open-source CMS platform that helps you build and host feature-rich websites.
  • Besides, there are tons of customized features available in WordPress which you can integrate with your website as per your business requirements.
  • WordPress also provides the options of live chat plugins, available in abundant, for you to use in your website.
  • Most Bloggers and digital marketers recommend WordPress as it is a highly customizable CMS platform.


  • If you ask any SEO analysts, they would surely put Ahrefs as their favourite SEO tool to be used every day.
  • It has covered everything you ask for. It allows you to track the ranking of your targeted keywords. It also helps you analyse keywords ranking and performance of your competitors.
  • It would be unfair to say that one is fully aware of all the functions of Ahrefs. It has so many features such as keyword research, site analyser, top page reports, and content gap review.
  • It is also renowned as content ideation and strategy planning tool that empowers you to achieve high performance in content marketing.


  •  Canva is the popular content marketing software that works as your graphic designer. If you want to instil graphic designs in your content, Canva could be your sure shot.
  • It has flexible engagement plans. It has three versions till now: Free, Paid version for $12.95 per month, and Custom Enterprising Pricing.
  • Functionalities in Canvas are easy to use so any beginner level designer can play around with it and create amazing graphics.
  • The tool is also used for social media marketing where you can create blog images, cover photos, posters that are used for the same marketing purpose.


  • HubSpot is the industry-best CMS software that offers many content marketing tools such as powerful form builder, pop up tools, live chat & chatbots, and WordPress plugins for marketing.
  • HubSpot is the most powerful content marketing automation platform that helps you manage everything using free CRM.
  • HubSpot is like a pillar of your company that helps you at each stage of growth and build an effective marketing campaign.
  • HubSpot helps you strengthen the foundation of your business and generate a high return on investment in your business through content marketing campaigns. Nowadays many top level web development companies prefer hubspot CRM.


  • Hemingway is the best writing editor one could have, it’s like having a writing coach who corrects your mistakes.
  • The Hemingway content marketing tool lets you know the rate of passive voice used in the content and also tells you about the readability index of your content.
  • Hemingway comes in both free and paid versions. You need to pay $19.99 as a one-time payment for the desktop version.
  • Hemingway can help you evaluate your content before publishing. It also suggests you re-do the sentences or avoid writing fancy words in the content.


  • Grammarly has completely changed the game. It’s like your AI English teacher who introduces you to the grammatical mistakes from your content.
  • Grammarly helps you detect plagiarised parts from the content and also provides reference links where the content is already available.
  • Besides, it also provides suggestions depending upon your sentence structure. It suggests different words that can be replaced with appropriate ones.
  • Based on general readers, Grammarly also ensures to create flawless content which doesn’t include any hard-read or high-end words.


  • When you are preparing a huge volume of content for your marketing purpose, then you must have a tool that can manage all the processes. Here’s when Trello comes into the picture.
  • Trello is basically a project management tool that is also used in other domains such as growth experiment, sales pipelines, product feature roadmap.
  • Trello as an editorial calendar is quite a useful tool that allows you to manage the operations and review the performance of your employees during the project.
  • You can set an automatic notification for the respective tasks. It is lightweight and easily operational compared to other project management tools.


We hope that this article helps you find the best content marketing tools that can be used for implementing effective marketing strategies. Tell us which content marketing tool you would use to market your product or service. 

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