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5 Things a Content Creator Should Know About Social Media Optimization
5 Things a Content Creator Should Know About Social Media Optimization

Did you know that 51 percent of Facebook users visit the site multiple times a day? Social media optimization means that certain brands get their posts into the audience’s feed before the competition.

As a content creator, you can leverage the power of social media to build trust and nurture relationships.

However, your audience won’t have an opportunity to be engaged if they never get a chance to enjoy your insight.

What Is Social Media Optimization?

Essentially, social media optimization (SMO) is the plan you use to drive your target audience to your social posts, and ultimately to your website where they become paying customers.

Here’s the thing: There’s more to social optimization than resharing a meme or a popular story.

Social content is an indispensable tool.

As a content creator can use social media to achieve your business goals and connect with your audience at every stage of their journey to becoming a customer.

Now you can use these digital marketing tips to get started.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Social media engagement can improve your brand’s performance. That means it’s vital to listen, research, and find out where your audience spends their time online.

For example, a study from Pew Research Center shows that if your target audience is 18 to 24-year-olds, you’re likely to find them on Instagram or SnapChat.

Likewise, if you want to connect to millennial women, you’ll want to set up a Pinterest account. You can also cast a wide net on Facebook since it continues to be one of the most popular social sites.

The bottom line is to listen to what your audience needs, watch who they follow, and find out what’s important to them. Then start a conversation.

2. Develop Social Content 

How you begin that communication has to do with what you’ve found out in your research.

Next, ask questions.

Or better yet, answer the audiences’ questions to demonstrate how you can help them achieve their goals, solve their problems, and make their life better.

Not only should your social content be entertaining and engaging, but it should also be informative and backed up with facts.

Additionally, you need to define what it is that you want to achieve. Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Maybe the goal is to increase brand recognition.

Experts at the Hoth say building a content strategy and remaining consistent in posting is crucial. What does this mean for you as a content creator?

Your goal is to determine what type of posts you’ll publish, as well as where and how often to post, to improve social media optimization.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are common throughout the internet, and we use them to categorize information. Content creators can research relevant and trending hashtags with this hashtag generator.

4. Include Video in Social Content

No doubt, including video in your social content, helps SMO. And, video content also increases:

  • Dwell time
  • Page quality
  • Backlinks

If you upload the videos to YouTube and embed them on your website, you can see how this will increase traffic. For one, YouTube matches Facebook’s reach, with 73 percent of users frequenting the video-sharing platform.

5. Write for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Of course, through it all, it’s vital to write for SEO. That also means filling in the metadata for photos and videos: title, description, tags, and keywords.

During your initial research, you should build a list of relevant keywords (some will be hashtags). These keywords, along with links to expert sources, backlinks, and metadata, all form the SEO for your social posts.

Start Your Social Media Optimization Plan Today

Now that you know where to start, you can define your audience, develop your content, utilize hashtags, images, and video, and optimize it all so your posts will show up on search engines.

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