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Blastup Review & 11 Alternatives You Should Use Instead
Blastup Review & 11 Alternatives You Should Use Instead

With constant changes to Instagram’s algorithms, it’s hard for any business or service to get their posts seen. When you do get them seen, it’s harder to get likes or new followers. Algorithms can shift who sees your posts and it may not be the right people. Keep reading below for a review of Blastup and other alternatives to improve your Instagram interactions.

There are a few things you should look for
when working with services that provide Instagram likes and followers. The top
priority is safety and security. You want to find a company that will follow
Instagram’s terms of service. There is nothing worse than losing your account
because you are suspected of connecting with Instagram bots and fake accounts.
Look for someone with a great reputation and who understands social media well.

When they know what they are doing, you can
focus your attention elsewhere. Make sure you have a budget and you stick to
that budget. If you pay for premium services that you cannot afford, you can
slow your own growth when you cancel too soon. Make sure their services match
your needs. It wouldn’t make sense to use one service for Instagram and another
for Facebook, there are lots available who can cover multiple platforms.

Lastly, be mindful of what information you have
to provide. Some services don’t need more than your goals and your Instagram
username. You can be confident that you won’t have to worry about your account
being hacked or altered. Even worse, you avoid being blocked from your own
social platform. Some services do require your password so that they do the
work for you. They can be legit services but you want to ask plenty of
questions about the safety of your account. Don’t be afraid to question their
policies, this is your bread and butter.

Top BlastUp Alternatives

  1. YoViral
  2. ViralRace
  3. Famoid
  4. SocialCaptain
  5. Growthoid
  6. BingBangram
  7. FriendlyLikes
  8. Social Hype
  9. Krootez
  10. Social Sensational
  11. Buzzoid

What is Blastup?

Blastup is a service that allows you to purchase new likes and new followers. Or you can select an automatic like system for a flat monthly rate. They are popular in the social media marketing for bringing results quickly and efficiently.

Blastup Features

The system is easy to use and offers quick results. You can choose to purchase likes, followers, or a combination of both. They send them out as quickly as you want or they can delay the likes to fit your style. They have two interesting features that can be helpful. You can use their service to download videos and pictures and post them to your account.

Want to keep up with Follower count without checking Instagram? You can type in your username on their website and get the count instantly. They also have customer support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Blastup Pros and Cons

All services have pros and cons and Blastup is no different. Here are a list of Pros and Cons to their service.


1. Free Trial – it’s great to have a free trial to make sure you like the service. It can also lead to questions you hadn’t thought to ask before.

2. Affordable plans – always a plus to be able to save money or stick within your budget

3. Automatic Likes Per Month – you pay a flat rate each month and get likes without visiting the website.

4. They do not require your Instagram password. You never have to worry about anyone interfering with your information or content.


1. They claim to be the only site who offers real likes and real followers. Other sites make the same claim.

2. They don’t provide transparency on who is liking and following your account. It makes it hard to know if it’s bots or real people.

3. There is no indication of how many likes you get for the monthly flat rate. There isn’t a way to know if it’s worth the deal or not.

Is Blastup Safe?

For the most part, it appears safe. Reviews have been positive about the service and that is a great sign. Anytime you buy likes and followers, there should be some precautions to protect your account.

Always choose delayed likes and followers so that you don’t set off any red flags. Always make sure your content is relevant to your business or service. Lastly, make sure you are following guidelines regarding posting ads.

1. YoViral

YoViral is similar to other services that
offer likes and views from real Instagram users. You can have them all
delivered immediately, or at a rate you designate. We always recommend you draw
it out over a longer period so you don’t trigger Instagram’s algorithms.

The platform automatically detects your new
uploads within seconds. It then starts sending real likes to you automatically.
Getting started is a two-click process and takes less than a minute to order.
All you need to provide is your username, then select the plan you want (based
on how many likes/views you want). Once completed, the service will begin at
your selected preference.

2. ViralRace

ViralRace is a service just like Blastup and is one of the fastest services available. You can purchase likes, views, and followers. Setup just takes a few minutes and they will deliver within an hour to your posts. You are in control of what you purchase and when you receive your likes, followers, and views. 

They guarantee to connect you with authentic Instagram users. This is important because it will boost your engagement quickly. They also guarantee that you will be able to land a sponsorship deal or be highlighted on the Discovery page.

3. Famoid

Famoid is a slightly different service as they provide a bot to manage all your social network accounts. Its primary goal is to get you more followers on Instagram but can be used with other platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the other options available if you desire to tie in all your campaigns.

They provide likes, followers, and views from authentic users. Because of the authenticity of the engagement, they do have a slower growth rate than other services.

They also offer a few other tools that can be a benefit to you. Need help with managing comments or automatic posting? Famoid has you covered. The site accepts credit cards and PayPal for payment.

4. SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain’s focus is to be the best growth tool on the market. They work at providing authentic likes and followers to every account they work with. It will magnify your exposure and boost your engagement rates.

They use the best in filtering programs and top of the line automation technology. They have a standard plan that provides unlimited like, follows, and comments combined with an analytic feed each day.

They do have a Turbo package that guarantees ten times the growth. They will also connect you with access to a dedicated support channel. Their service isn’t as speedy as others but it’s not the slowest either.

5. Growthoid

If you’re looking for a manual Instagram growth service, then Growthoid is your best bet. They are one of the only growth companies for Instagram in the industry that offer completely real, active followers.

They also make a point not to mess around with automation or bots. They don’t want anything fake on their features – they just want to help their clients the real way. Make the most of them today, or you’ll miss out.

6. BigBangram

BigBangram is unique
because they offer more interactions than their competitors. Automated likes,
follows, unfollows, direct messages, posts, and comments are on the menu. This
provides a wide variety of engagement and options for automation. With this many
options, automation will save you a lot of time and effort.

You can choose from a variety of plans or customize your own package. Customization will save you money on things that don’t fit your needs.  Extra services like their posting module and comment tracker are well worth investigating.

The posting module allows you to edit photos and write captions in advance. Comment tracker saves you time when responding to comments. They are gathered in one place, no matter which platform, so that you can tackle them quickly.

7. FriendlyLikes

FriendlyLikes is the oldest service on this list. The company began in 2013 and have served over a million clients. The service works with Instagram and the rest of the most popular platforms. You can buy likes, followers, subscribers, and views for each account.

This is an excellent service for those who have more than one social media platform and want to streamline their efforts. FriendlyLikes provides a free trial where you can choose ten free likes, followers, subscribers, or views for one of your accounts.

This company is backed by a solid reputation, which can make those nervous about risk comfortable. It’s hard to get a million clients and the fact that they have speaks volumes about their service.

8. Social Hype

For those with a tight
budget, Social Hype will be an answer to your wallet.Their plans are the  most affordable for the number of features
that are available. You won’t ever be caught up in a contract, you can cancel
anytime you want to.

There are three different price packages available with Social Hype. Standard package provides automated activities, post scheduling, and advanced targeting filters. The premium package gives you faster growth speeds and the capability to add up to three Instagram accounts.

The Agency package is meant for larger businesses that have up to 10 accounts. You receive a dedicated account manager on hand for assistance with your needs. The account manager is only available with the Agency package.

9. Krootez

Krootez is one of the sites focused on selling real Instagram followers, likes and views from. They advertise the customer account (you) or a post until they reach the purchased number.

The site promises genuine followers and they guarantee they don’t violate any Instagram rules. They also promise a guarantee period to make sure the followers are sticking and to replenish the missing. A nice addition to the service to ensure quality growth.

Pricing is in the middle of the road and they have a strong focus on customer service. They are a slower service with claims. They reserve 24h to supply all the followers you purchase. Reviews are positive regarding their services and is well worth checking out.

10. Social Sensational

Social Sensational is a
personal service to provide organic growth to your Instagram account. Other
companies plug in your Instagram handle and dive right in, which is a detached
way to work. Social Sensational starts you off with a consultation with an
account manager. You discuss your target market and growth goals with them.
They help you make them attainable and realistic while working for you.

Your account manager will do the work on your Instagram account and put plans into action. You get to sit back and watch your desires come to life. At any time, you can request detailed growth reports to see how well the service is working.

You can also request adjustments to the service at any time.. They have packages for influencers, businesses, and brands alike. This service is fantastic for those that want to talk to a designated person and develop a relationship with a company.

11. Buzzoid

Buzzoid has served over a
million clients, making them one of the top competitors to consider.. There are
so many services by other companies available, reaching one million clients is
a great sign of good work. They work solely with Instagram accounts, meaning
they specialize on best practices for that social network.

Pricing is a bit higher than their competitors, but they promote two types of followers. Regular users are promised to be the best of the best. Engaged followers are those who truly are interested in your account and want to follow you.

They also offer an automatic program that adds followers every time customers upload a new image or video. Their customer service has an excellent reputation and is important when considering working with any service.

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