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How to maximize content through repurposing
How to maximize content through repurposing

Time and time again, you read a blog post on
creating content but we all know that sometimes it can be hard to come up with
new content ideas let alone take out time to create the content. It’s when
you’re in this type of situation that you begin to search for more ways to
create content without actually creating new content. Stealing content from
isn’t an option too.

Enter Content Repurposing.

Content repurposing is a way of taking your old content and presenting it in a new way that’s refreshing to the reader. If you’re wondering how you can repurpose your old blog post to be seen as new content, we’ve studied a few pro bloggers and top companies like this leader in web design in Nigeria) that have taken this approach and we’ve compiled some content repurposing strategies for you

  • Infographics

Yes, a blog post
that’s heavy on facts and figures can easily be turned into an infographic
design. You can use infographics to tell stories in a timeline format too.

  • Social Media Post

I know what you’re
thinking. How can I turn a blog post to a social media post without making it
boring? A good way to do this will be to take a fact or figure or quote from
the blog post and turn it to a nice social media banner design. Make sure the
excerpt you choose for the design is one that would command attention.

  • Audio/Podcast

Converting your blog
post to audio format is another great way to give new life to your content.
When making content into an audio format, it is important to learn not just to
read the written word but present it in a dialogue form such that the listener
feels like he or she is part of the conversation.

  • Ebook/ Downloadable Guides

If your blog has a
string of related content, you can arrange them to form a guide or ebook. The
amazing part about this is that you can even use the ebook or guide to get
website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list by first collecting their
emails before giving access to the download.

  • Videos

You saw this coming,
didn’t you. This may sound like a whole lot of work but putting your already
existing content on video is a good way to captivate your audience. Video also
gives you the opportunity to easily go in-depth into things that may have been
difficult to explain via text format. Also, people are more open to watching
videos compared to reading blog articles because they find it more convenient.

  • Newsletters

It’s not everyone
that knows of your blog or websites that reads your content every time you
upload it. A newsletter is a good way to let people that don’t directly go to
your website know of the recent updates on your website. Converting some of
your old posts into small digestible newsletters is one of the numerous ways to
repurpose your content.

  • Slide Presentation

Slideshare is a
platform by Linkedin that allows you to upload your slide presentations and
share it with a massive audience. Repurposing your existing content by turning
them into slide presentations can help you reach a whole new audience. Slide
presentations also allow you to pinpoint takeaways from your blog posts and
present them in a simple or summarized manner

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