Breast Cancer Gets Glammed
Breast Cancer Gets Glammed
Breast Cancer Gets Glammed

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I decided to take a look around and see if I could find an inspirational story of a breast cancer survivor who is using digital media to give back. There are a lot of stories out there about breast cancer awareness and the campaign has become so huge that it’s quite literally impossible not to think of your cha-chas all month. It’s fantastic that the movement has caught on and clearly it is working as the most recent statistics show us that the survival rate is up to 68% of diagnosed patients. This post is designed to help the 1,596,670 new patients who will be diagnosed with breast cancer THIS YEAR, according to the American Cancer Society!

Have you ever had a friend tell you they have breast cancer? Have you been stopped dead in your tracks and wonder what should I say? What can I do?

This is the part of breast cancer that many don’t talk about, the physical and emotional strains of undergoing treatment. Lisa Lurie and Ellen Weis Kander, the Founders of Cancer Be Glammed are working to change that. Lisa has an amazing story of breast cancer survival herself.

Lisa Lurie, CEO and Co-Founder of Cancer Be Glammed “In the spring of 2008, at age 47, I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer. I had a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. I used to joke to my friends, ‘Cancer forces you to check your vanity at the door.’ Even though I was sick, I wanted to look and try to feel much like I had prior to my ride on the cancer rollercoaster. It was important for me, and my family. I started searching for products like headscarves made from beautiful fabrics, mastectomy bras that didn’t make me feel like I had turned into my grandmother,  clothing that worked well with my new figure, and products that soothed my body (and soul.) I searched the internet and had wonderful family and friends like Ellen that hit the stores.”

Ultimately, what she found was that it is really hard to find clothes that provide the functional needs for someone who has undergone a mastectomy while remaining stylish and helping you feel “good” about yourself. So, her and Ellen created Cancer Be Glammed, a website dedicated to bringing together stylish fashions and hard-to-find products for women who are under-going cancer treatment. They also created the guide, What the Doctor Didn’t Order to help women be prepared for the day-to-day challenges of dressing, looking and feeling their best during treatment, which even includes a fantastic shopping check list. It is a must have for anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis.

While the site has an amazing line up of products from all over the web that are sure to make anyone undergoing treatment feel more confident about their appearance they are also working on providing support for patients through social media channels. The site contains information on all types of cancer including stage 4 meso.

Cancer Be Glammed HatAsk Ellen and Lisa

Undergoing treatment is not easy and it’s important to have an outlet for support and questions that you may not feel comfortable asking family. It is tough to be stoic for everyone else, while you have so much uncertainty inside. As a result Ellen and Lisa provide answers to questions submitted by readers in the Ask Ellen and Lisa section on their blog.

Get Inspiration and Useful Tips

If a dose of inspiration is in order, be sure to follow Cancer Be Glammed on Twitter and Facebook. I found the stream of updates to be informative, inspirational and at times even fun. They are just getting started in social media so I hope you will show your support and help spread the word.

So back to the question, what do you do when someone you care for is diagnosed with breast cancer? I say, show them they can still rock a little bling!

*Disclosure. Cancer Be Glammed, is a for-profit company designed to help women who are undergoing cancer treatments. I think what they are doing is a much needed service for an under-served market and decided to tell you about it. I hope you tell others and help raise awareness on how to help those who are diagnosed with cancer in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

What great resources have you found for patients under-going cancer treatments? What inspirational stories do you have to share? How are you supporting breast cancer awareness month?

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