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Build a Multilingual Social Media Presence With These 6 Tips
Build a Multilingual Social Media Presence With These 6 Tips

English remains the most popular language on the Internet with 1.1 billion Internet users speaking English. Over 860 million people on the Internet speak Chinese and 344 million speak Spanish. These are the top three languages of the Internet.

If your demographic speaks Spanish, you don’t want to promote to them only in English.

When building a social media presence that is multilingual, these tips can keep followers while also appealing to a larger audience:

1. Double Post in a Different Language

You can manage multiple social media accounts, each in a different language, but that’s a massive undertaking. One tip that’s recommended is to treat the same demographic as two languages.

If you’re a lawyer in Los Angeles that caters to both English and Spanish speakers, you may want to use a post title of: abogados de accidentes de carro instead of “car accident lawyers.” Double posting is a very good idea for bilingual accounts, but pay close attention to how many followers drop off after a Spanish post.

When followers leave because of posts in another language, it may be best to open a separate account for each language.

2. Visual Content Works Well

Broad messages are a great option, and visual content is able to speak to followers of many languages. But you do need to be mindful of social norms and what may insult some followers and not others.

If you post visuals that are taboo, you may insult the followers you’re trying to appeal to online.

3. Professional Translations Only

If you have to use Google Translate, you shouldn’t post in another language. Native speakers will know the difference, and you may say something that is improper or even rude to some speakers.

You’ll want to keep to professional translations only.

Professional translations will be able to convey your message properly without insulting the audience you’re trying to appeal to the most.

4. Utilize Ad Filtering

If you’re using Facebook Ads, for example, users set their account to their desired language when opening their account. Twitter does the same, and this allows advertisements to target these users specifically.

You can run ads for Spanish speakers in LA specifically rather than the ads being shown to English speakers.

5. Translations in One Post

If you don’t want to double post or you find that your account is bleeding followers due to posting in another language, offer translations in one post. This would allow you to cut down on social media resources and target both demographics without anyone being turned off by a single language post.

6. Pay Attention to Time Differences

Different demographics are often in different time zones. You may want to post at 11 am in the US, but the same post is being seen in Italy at 5 pm if you’re in the eastern standard time. Adjust your posting times so that you can target your demographic at the ideal posting times.

You may also be able to stave off losing followers if you adjust posts to the time zone of your international demographic.

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