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Choosing the Best Social Media Platform for Business
Choosing the Best Social Media Platform for Business

Businesses that aren’t on social media are missing out on one of their biggest platforms. Social media’s reach has surpassed the billion-user mark, and Facebook alone has an active monthly user count of over 2.2 billion people.

These users include a business’ target market, and this is a market that expects:

  • Social media presence
  • Social media customer service

If a business isn’t using social media, some potential customers may overlook the business. Facebook accounts, for example, allow you to determine if a product or service is worthwhile because of reviews that exist on the company’s page.

But your business may perform better on Twitter than Facebook, or Instagram may be a better fit.

If a business’ finances don’t allow for a solid social media plan for all platforms, it’s important to use the advice of an SEO company in Mississauga and choose the best performing platforms for the business.

Facebook is a Beast

If you own a business, it’s almost impossible not to be on Facebook. The platform is too big to overlook, and with 2.2 billion monthly active users, you have to sign up and create a business page.

The largest demographic of any platform, Facebook allows you to:

  • Offer customer service chats
  • Create a place for customers to review your product or service
  • Advertise to your demographic with Facebook ads

Facebook is the one platform that businesses shouldn’t ignore. Other platforms may be ignored, but Facebook can’t be ignored without losing a lot of potential for your business.

Twitter is Iffy

Twitter was slow to innovate, and while the platform still has its niche, a lot of businesses join the platform and leave shortly after. You need to put a lot of effort into Twitter to build your following, and this means tweeting often and engaging with your audience.

Putting the size of Twitter into perspective compared to Facebook, Twitter has 326 million monthly active users.

Should your business target Twitter?

It depends.

Twitter’s users are:

  • 37% between 18 and 29
  • 25% between 30 and 49

So, if your demographic is 70-years old, Twitter may not be the best option.

Instagram and YouTube

Instagram and YouTube are media powerhouses, and they work very well for companies that sell products and services. If a business sells pastries, for example, the accounts for these platforms may include videos of the pastry-making process.

Instagram may also have pictures that show off your best creations.

Products, and their uses, can also be shown on both of these platforms better than on Facebook and Twitter. When users go on their YouTube or Instagram accounts, they’re doing so with the understanding that they’ll consume visual content.

Both platforms are massive, and Instagram has grown to over 1 billion users, with 72% of teens using the platform every day.

And with over 95% of U.S. Instagram users on YouTube, too, they’re two platforms that work very well together.

YouTube is available in over 75 languages, and 9% of small businesses use YouTube. With over 1.9 billion monthly active users, YouTube is a must-choose platform for social networking. Users are 55% male and 45% female.

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