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Cole Morgan Shares 5 Tips on How to Become a Social Media Marketer
Cole Morgan Shares 5 Tips on How to Become a Social Media Marketer

Cole Morgan is a young entrepreneur with a passion for social media marketing. He has more than 1.4 million followers across all of his pages (@sluringz, @glizier, @uncencore, @sproshed, @colesfeed, @knurl, @j0ked and more). Here he shares how he did it and how others can do the same. 

He earned $30,000 in his first four months of running @sluringz while he was still in high school. His determination is never-ending and he hopes to be the person who provides insider scoops to new trends in e-commerce, social media marketing, and general growth on Instagram. 

Where did he start?

He was born in 2000 in the United States and his success has been exponential for his age. His entrepreneurial spirit made itself known in high school where he made his own clothing company in freshman year of high school, and where he grew his Instagram following to an extraordinary degree. His love of art is evident and features heavily on his personal account. 

His success now: 

He believes in working with those around him with the same passion for social media marketing and from whom a good business relationship can develop. His current success has ballooned and he has started working with businesses doing affiliate marketing. Other brands and pages started noticing his potential and contacted him for paid promotion, after his page had about 70,000 followers. He now stands at over 1.4 million followers across his pages at only 20 years old. 

Cole shares 5 tips to success:

Cole has established great success as a social media marketer. Here, he gives 5 tips to those who would also like to be social media marketers and become well-known on social media. 

1.   Network

It is essential that you find people with pages with followings similar to your own. It’s really important to do mutually beneficial business with these people and build strong relationships. 

2.   Forge your own way 

It’s easy to look at someone else with massive success and want to attain the same in exactly the same way. This isn’t the way to go forward. Choose your path depending on who you are, including your strengths and your weaknesses. You’ll be able to make it if you trust in your own way of doing things, even though you should learn from others and see if it applies to you. 

3.   Invest in yourself 

Believe in yourself. Believe that what you are doing has value and then invest in yourself. Your confidence will be evident to others and it will inspire them to have faith in you and your purpose. 

4.   Share and do what you love 

It’s important to make sure that you have a passion for what you do. To share engaging content is the ultimate aim in social media marketing and showing your own interest in the topic goes a long way. People feel the excitement of others and it rubs off – as such, if followers see that you really love what you’re sharing, they will be more likely to feel the same. 

5.   Identify opportunity 

When Cole’s personal Instagram had more than 40,000 followers in the 8th grade, he decided to sell his page to one of his friends. This is when he recognized a chance to make some real money with social media marketing. He’s been doing it ever since. You have to be ready to see opportunities for what they are – a chance for success. Once you’ve identified your chance, don’t be afraid to grab it. 

Where does Cole plan on taking his career?

His dedication and passion remain as potent as ever, and this means that his dreams of becoming the person who knows it all about new fashions in e-commerce, and social media marketing seem inevitable. As long as platforms like Instagram come up with new features and trends, Cole will continue to find the latest and best ways of growing and advertising on the platform. 

If you want to see more of Cole and see what he’s all about,  you should visit his Facebook page, or his Instagram. You can also follow any of the handles mentioned above and you’ll learn more. 

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