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Cool Benefits Of Social Networking
Cool Benefits Of Social Networking

When you take social networks off-line, I call it networking socially. A few months ago, I was Twittering about social media measurement with David Alston, responded and said I should look into Radian6, his company. I added them to the list of firms I was reviewing to provide such a service to a client of Doe Anderson’s and then grew my social network through Twitter to include several other Radian6 staffers and even some others they knew in New Brunswick.

Ultimately, we chose Radian6 for this particular client and I paid a visit to Fredericton this week to get some training on the software and provide them with feedback on the product. In doing so, I took my on-line social network off-line and networked socially.

The benefits of the end result of this social networking activity for me include getting to know folks like Marcel Lebrun, Richard McInnis, Chris Newton, Chris Ramsey, Tim Tozer, David and the others at Radian6, not to mention the fantastic crowd at Wednesday night’s social media gathering that included co-organizer Lisa Rousseau and bloggers Mark Dykeman and Chris Nadeau.

But when you really take those connections and relationships off-line, you get to do other interesting things.

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  • David is right, all. The video of the flip was shot on a camera for which I didn’t have the appropriate cords. I’m hoping to have it cut and YouTubed very soon, but we’re also going to use it in a future Daily Idea. I’ll have it as soon as I can and post it separately.

    I can’t thank everyone up north more for the fun. It was an honor to be invited and to help spark the conversation. Even interviewed me, so I guess I’m big in Canada now. Sweet!

  • Jason, it was definitely great to meet you in person and to network offline. Glad you enjoyed the snowmobiling as well. The snowmobile wipe out video seems to be quite anticipated. That video was shot on the DVD cam vs. the digital cam so everyone may have to wait a few days since you mentioned you didn’t have the software with you to get that reel off the cam.

    Again, thanks for also speaking at the social media meetup. We continue to get great feedback on it. Cheers.

  • Jason – I never got to make it to the event in Freddy (I was out of the Country), but I’m glad you had a great time with the Maritime Web20 Mafia :P.

    “Maniac Sledding”.. too funny :P

  • Thanks for the link love, Jason. It was a pleasure to meet you.


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