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Ski-Dooing Falls: What Really Happened
Ski-Dooing Falls: What Really Happened

So the video from my previous post was a tad misleading. Yes, Marcel Lebrun from Radian6 took me Ski-Dooing. But I used video from one camera and edited it to make the point I wanted to make about networking socially. The other camera (we also shot some fun stuff for a future episode of The Daily Idea) had the highlight on it.

My YouTube title for this is “Dude Jokes About Wrecking Ski-Doo; Promptly Wrecks Ski-Doo.” It’s classic Jason “Murphy’s Law” Falls in action.


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  • Cool video Jason. I wonder who's the pioneer of ski-dooing. Any ideas?

  • Cool video Jason. I wonder who's the pioneer of ski-dooing. Any ideas?

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  • Carman — Very funny. I prefer the amber lagers myself, but my favorite is bottled in the U.S., so I suppose it still qualifies. Whatever beer you guys were feeding me at the gathering was dandy, however. I’m fortunately smart enough to not drink and ski-doo, but still not a safe driver as you can tell.

  • priceless… now, had you gotten too drunk because our beer actually has alcohol in it, that would’ve been the icing on the cake!

    (Our joke around here, Jason, is: Why is American beer like having sex on a beach? Because they’re both f@*king close to water.)

  • Lisa — Can’t agree more. I’m cursed.

    Marcel — Agreed. I’m just glad none of my four-letter words made it on the audio.

  • David’s voice behind the camera is the icing on the cake, “Oh No”, “ha ha ha”, “Ohhhh No”!

  • And I should give credit where credit is due … David Alston was the award-winning director of this piece. And David, I think next time we should all just play hockey. Once I get my bearings on skates, I think I could hang for a little while longer than on the ski-doo.

  • Jason, glad to hear you made it back safe and sound to Louisville today. I was great having you up here in the Great White North. I think we’ll dress you in protective hockey gear for the next maniac sledding adventure though. :-)


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