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Here’s How David Kurzmann Used Instagram to Maximize Revenue for His Fitness Brand by 5X
Here’s How David Kurzmann Used Instagram to Maximize Revenue for His Fitness Brand by 5X

Fitness brands are a dime a dozen these days. Every time
someone discovers a weight loss product or fitness regimen that works, they
can’t wait to share it with everyone they know.

Instagram is a hub for fitness brands trying to grow their
businesses, so it’s no surprise that one of the top female fitness brands in
the world—Women’s Best—used Instagram
to maximize its revenue.

In August of 2015, David Kurzmann, his brother
Lukas, and their friend Thomas Mark launched Women’s Best, a brand that creates
nutrition products and sportswear specifically for women. They found that there
wasn’t another brand creating products that were made for the needs of the female
body, and they became the first to do so.

Within two years, their revenue had grown 800 percent. Kurzmann recently shared in an interview how Instagram became a key part of their success.

Instagram Is Golden for Businesses

“Instagram is particularly suited for successful marketing
because everybody is online,” Kurzmann said.

Kurzmann is right. In 2019, mobile use rates
are higher than ever before and by 2022, they’ll increase by 275 million.
Consumers spend more than five hours per day on their smartphone on average,
and the majority of that time is spent on apps.

Instagram is among the most popular apps with a billion
active users every month worldwide. More than 4.2 billion posts are liked per
day, and sports and fitness icons are among the top brands followed on
Instagram. It’s a great market to reach people outside the U.S. as well,
considering that 88 percent of Instagram’s users do not live within the U.S.

But Instagram is about more than just sharing great photos
with friends and family. It’s an incredible platform for businesses to get
started and connect with customers.

According to research compiled by
, 80 percent of users on Instagram follow at least one brand.
About 60 percent use Instagram to discover new products, 75 percent are likely
to take action, and 70 percent are likely to buy products through their mobile

“Instagram business tools offer many advantages and helpful insights as well,” Kurzmann said, referring to the Insights tab that shows information about your target audience, posts, engagement, and more.

There are many apps that support the use of Instagram for
business as well. Kurzmann says that his team uses SWAT, which is a useful tool
for scheduling posts and saving time. There are also tools for gathering
detailed insights about your page, editing images, formatting collages,
creating videos, and more.

Gaining Engaged Followers

When asked how to get more engaged followers, Kurzmann said that one of the best things you can do is to be present on your Instagram account with constant high-quality content.

“Sharing unique content is an important part of encouraging
interaction and engagement from our audience,” he explains. “Posting at the
most convenient times for our audience also helps.”

Research shows that posts have the most engagement they’ll
ever receive within the first few hours of posting. Therefore, knowing when
your audience is online and receptive to your content will yield the most
engagement for your audience.

“We also ask a lot of questions and really try to understand
what our customers are looking for,” he adds. Making customers an engaged part
of their marketing strategy has been highly effective for the Women’s Best
marketing efforts.

Providing Practical Value

Consumers follow brands on Instagram because they get
something out of the interaction. They won’t continue engaging if they find the
content useless or a waste of time.

“We keep our Instagram page full of practical value and beneficial information,” Kurzmann explained. With a single glance at the Women’s Best Instagram page, you can see the truth of this statement. It’s loaded with workout inspiration, motivational posts, empowered women, recipes, and so much more.

“By sharing our products and showing off their practical value, we get a lot more conversions from our customers,” Kurzmann explains. “Our followers tend to try the products because of what they see on Instagram. When they receive the products in the mail and are happy with the quality, they usually end up becoming not only a loyal customer, but an advocate of the brand. They love to share their finds with their friends.”

The consistent, high-value content available on the Women’s
Best Instagram page makes it easy for customers to share their favorite
products and further establish the brand name. They have no trouble snagging
conversions and generating loyal customers.

Focusing on People, Not Numbers

The Women’s Best team has learned a great deal about
successful marketing on Instagram. The biggest lesson learned from these
interactions is that it’s the people that matter, not the numbers.

First and foremost, the Women’s Best social media team
prioritizes listening to their customers. It’s about community building and
gaining feedback that you can use to boost your business.

Kurzmann shared that using people who already have strong followers on Instagram can carry your message to the right people, but not all influencers work for your business. Some may not be on-brand or they may not have valuable followers. 

Not all Instagram users will be interested in your brand.
Additionally, there are many fake followers that do nothing for your business.

“Some brands overlook the likes and follows of influencers,”
he says. “They don’t think about making sure the followers are real or that
they’re in the right target audience.”

Ensuring that your message reaches the people that need it
most will all but guarantee Instagram success. The platform is designed to pair
consumers with both friends and brands of mutual benefit, and providing that
connection for them creates a strong bond that equals speedy growth and

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