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Fitness Guru, Austin Alexander Burridge, Shares 5 Benefits of Social Media for Personal Trainers
Fitness Guru, Austin Alexander Burridge, Shares 5 Benefits of Social Media for Personal Trainers

The key word to becoming a successful personal trainer and building a brand shows in its occupational title: personal. For a client, fitness approaches and healthy dieting is personal and unique to the individual. To entrust another with something personal, a connection between client and trainer is essential. That is why fitness trainers need to make personal connections with all of their clients to create the ultimate workout experience. 

Austin Alexander Burridge, a certified personal trainer, based in South Carolina, has dedicated his career to transforming the perception of fitness and nutrition. After witnessing a beloved family member succumb to heart attacks and malnutrition,  Mr. Burridge made it his mission to help others adopt healthy lifestyles. Now, in his thirties, he sets an example for both the young and the old with exercise and meal plans focused on nutrition without sacrificing fun or taste.

Burridge uses social media to help communicate his story and the reasons why he has a passion for fitness and nutrition to potential, new, and current clients. What other ways can social media help boost client lists and personal trainer revenue?

Below, Austin Alexander Burridge shares five benefits for social media practicality:

1. Client References

The best free advertising that has been around even before social media is a definite reference by word of mouth. Social media can assist in expanding who sees and talks about your fitness training services. Do not be afraid to engage in online conversation, as well. Audience engagement can only be better for your chances of creating personal connections from behind the screen. 

2. Call to Action

When posting on social media, the platform creates the perfect opportunity to get others involved with your brand. If you are passionate about creating a fitness community, allow that to be a part of your brand building and create group runs or local fitness events that you can create a team to participate in together. Post about the event or gathering and then guide others on what they need to do to join.  

3. Keep Yourself and Others Motivated

What better way to motivate yourself and others than a daily inspirational quote to focus on or a new tip to implement in your routine to better your lifestyle? Help build your brand’s reputation by posting a tip of the day or morning motivational phrase. 

4. Make Your Audience Content Hungry

Content can be everything when building your brand. Establish your content strategy to help keep clients steadily checking in on your posts to gather more information. Current clients will love to reference your social media for additional knowledge outside of their sessions. Potential clients will get hooked from the constant useful content they use and will more likely call for the full package and become a paying client. Researching and delivering quality content will also help elevate you as a professional. 

5. Current Client Testimonies

During your time of depicting what you will put on your social media page, consider a golden marketing piece you can use with your existing clients’ permission. Posting individual testimonies from the health journey your current clients have undergone can speak volumes for someone who can relate with a similar story or emotional connection.  

About Austin Alexander Burridge: Austin Alexander Burridge is a certified personal trainer and an avid enthusiast of living a balanced life with healthy eating habits and a well-rounded exercise regime. As a personal trainer, Austin instills these values into his clients and guarantees that they achieve their goals over the course of their training, whether it’s in the gym or in the great outdoors. 

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