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Help Brand Social Media Explorer
Help Brand Social Media Explorer

Sometime next week I’ll be writing a brief to give to a design team to guide them through the creative process to give Social Media Explorer a new logo/branding mark, masthead and avatar. There may even be some tweaks to the design (thought I’m partial to my layout since it’s even been noted as exceptional elsewhere) that result from the process.

Your Logo HereBut instead of dreaming up the concept of what Social Media Explorer is, says and represents, I’d like to turn it over to people who should know: you.

Here are some questions I would love you to help me answer about this site. Please answer as many or as few as you’d like in the comments section. All input will be considered and included in the ultimate brief I hand off to my designer, so this is your chance to help brand Social Media Explorer.

The Questions:

  1. Who is the target consumer?
    (I think you are mostly those familiar with social media but a good number of people wishing to learn more about it through our exploration. Am I wrong? Are more of you novices in the field and this is much more of an educational tool than I think? Tell me.)
  2. What is our promise?
    (I think it’s that readers of this blog should expect to gain insight to and explanation of the tools, issues and events surrounding the world of social media. Does my affiliation with an advertising agency change that? What do you as a reader expect to get when you visit?)
  3. Why will the audience believe us?
    (As humbly as I can put it, because I am active in both exploring all the aspects of social media but also putting strategies and plans into practice for real clients. Is that why you believe this website to be a credible source or do you believe that at all?)
  4. What is our tone?
    (I think it should be authoritative, informative, friendly but also witty. What do you think?)

Any other input you have (colors, word vs. iconography, etc.) is greatly appreciated. I was excited about this process before, but knowing you can participate in the new look and feel of SME and I’m ecstatic.

Other Websites Whose Logos/Marks/Branding I Like:

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  2. ProBlogger
  3. Logic+Emotion
  4. Blog Herald
  5. The Mad Hat

IMAGE: My PowerPoint Piddling

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