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MyBlogLog To Turn Social Aggregator
MyBlogLog To Turn Social Aggregator

MyBlogLogAn email hit my inbox late Friday night I found rather interesting. It was from Ian Kennedy of MyBlogLog telling users in a couple of weeks they’d be launching something called “New with Me” that will aggregate your latest activity on the sites you have listed in your Services there. New profile pages are promised as the aggregation will be merged with the existing profile information you’ve provided. It even promises that lifestreams from your contacts will be there, too.

Strange. Sounds like a familiar sort of application.

It appears as if the change will happen and the aggregation applied whether you want it to or not. If you don’t, you should login and pull those sites off your profile.

The full email is below. Tell me what you think in the comments section. Is Yahoo just ripping off established aggregators like Profilactic? Is this just the direction social media sites are moving? Will you use MyBlogLog more now that there is a more dynamic set of information there for you and your friends? Will you pull your services off so they can’t aggregate your lifestream? The comments are yours.


It took a long time for word to get out about our changeover to Yahoo! IDs. Lesson learned. This time we’re reaching out to you via old-fashioned email.

In a couple weeks, we’ll be launching a new feature called New with Me. This feature will use the URLs on the Services tab of your MyBlogLog profile to aggregate your latest activity on sites such as Twitter,, Digg, and YouTube. As a result, your profile page will look different – publicly available updates from the services you have listed will be merged with your existing information. Your latest Flickr photos, tracks, and YouTube videos, will all be in one place. Updates from your contacts on MyBlogLog will be merged and available as well. Simply put, the New with Me feature will transform your static profile into a dynamic one.

MyBlogLog respects your privacy. We will aggregate and display only information that is publicly available. If you’re uncomfortable with MyBlogLog aggregating and displaying publicly available information from a particular service, you can remove that service from your profile at any time.

Of course, we hope you’re excited about the broader distribution of everything you produce on the Web. If you use any of the sites featured in the Services tab, you know the value of being able to display all your activity in one place.

Your MyBlogLog profile, About Me widget, and Email Signature were the first steps in distributing your Web identity. New with Me is the next, pulling together a unified picture of who you are on the distributed social Web. We have lots of cool things planned for this feature — I hope you’ll use it to help build the next generation of the Web.

For details, please check out our FAQ on this feature.

As always, check our blog for the latest news from us.

See you online!

Ian Kennedy
Product Manager, MyBlogLog

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  • Linda, thanks for stopping by and for saying so. I hope you find MyBlogLog as helpful in generating interest, traffic and new friends as I have!

  • Jason, I appreciated this story. I am new to BlogLog and this is useful.

  • Todd – Thanks for stopping by to comment. Agreed that what the site ultimately does with that lifestream is what will matter. I wish you the best in doing something cool with it and as a user, I’ll be there to watch.

    Thanks as well for a great site. I’ve found many a friend in the blog world through MyBlogLog.

  • Thanks for the post Jason. And thanks Eric for chiming in so quickly about what MyBlogLog is working on. As Eric said, while this may have been a bit revolutionary if we had launched it in April of last year, today is has become part of the basic Social DNA of the Web. (I am work on a full post about all of those components that I see, but it isn’t quite ready for prime-time.) And, if we are giving credit, we should probably all give thanks to Facebook for launching this craze in the first place.

    In the end, every site is going to have a user’s life-stream available as a tool to help make the user’s experience better. What a site ultimately does with the life-stream is what will matter.


  • Eric,

    Thanks for the quick response. Perhaps insinuating a “rip-off” was too strong. I certainly don’t mean to discount the talent and hard work the developers and engineers have put in. However, I was merely asking the question. You might agree (though I’ll let you determine that certainly) that Yahoo doesn’t have a track record recently of being ontop of the game. Yes, more places than Yahoo are morphing ideas from talented independent folks and shaping them into their own, but that’s the question that struck me.

    Kudos to MyBlogLog and its crew for building out a next step. My apologies for any insinuation that something shady was going on. I just like to see the innovative talents like that of the Profilactic crew rewarded rather than duplicated.

    My two cents. Feel free to continue the discussion.

  • Sorry for the second post, but I wanted to respond to one other question.

    Yeah, this is the direction that all social sites are moving. This is what data portability is all about — I want to take the stuff I do over here and display it over there.

    From a selfish perspective, socnets are realizing that they are just one of several places that their users live online and it’s best to offer a view into the rest of their members’ lives, if only to keep people from leaving when they want to know what else is up with someone.

    As my co-founder Todd recently wrote: The Social DNA of the large, closed social networks has started to weave its way into nearly every site on the Internet. The idea of distributed social networks, which MyBlogLog was founded on, has officially hit the tipping point.

  • Jason — I’d like to address a couple of your points as the co-founder of MyBlogLog and a FORMER MBL/YHOO employee.

    We hade the first version of New With Me circulating in private beta in late April of 2007. We were not allowed to launch because it was apparently in conflict with another project in development elsewhere in the organization that was due to launch a year later. One of many reasons I left :)

    It appears that Yahoo is finally (and perhaps belatedly) shaking off its culture of failure to launch, and the team has finally successfully lobbied to launch the product. They kept the faith while I could not.

    As such, it’s rather insulting to the team to suggest that it’s something that they just ripped off. There are a number of great aggregators out there (Profilactic is one of the best), Hopefully MBL’s feed will find a warm reception in conjunction with all the other services it provides.


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