A Social Campaign With A Purpose
A Social Campaign With A Purpose
A Social Campaign With A Purpose
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Typically, I prefer to report social media campaigns once they have some metrics to report. The fact you’ve launched something doesn’t fascinate me. What you were able to accomplish with your social media efforts does. But there are exceptions to every rule.

USA for UNHCR (which helps the United Nation’s Refugee Agency) is using social media marketing to increase awareness and raise a small measure of financial support to help the 47 million refugees in the world. They’re doing it by selling Blue Key pins for just $5. They hope to sell 6,000 by June 20 which is World Refugee Day. My friend Shonali Burke has a big role in the effort and when she told me about it last week at BlogWorld & New Media Expo, I couldn’t not help.

Jason Falls and his Blue KeyThink about not just losing your home, but for political, religious or even other not-so-important reasons, being run out of your country. You lose your nationality, your heritage. In many cases you lose or even watch your family members die. You’re alone and have no where to go … nowhere to call home, in structure or in principle. There are 47 million people around the world who qualify under those circumstances. The UNHCR helps them.

Shonali has a much more in-depth post on her blog about the effort. Learn more there or at the Blue Key Campaign website. But in addition, please get involved. Help USA for UNHCR with this campaign. It helps your fellow man and it doesn’t ask a lot of you.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Buy a Blue Key pin for $5. Put it on your backpack or briefcase strap or somewhere everyone you come into contact with will see it. When they ask, tell them about the campaign and refugees that need their help.
  • Blog about the issue and tell your network you’re supporting refugees around the world by buying a Blue Key pin. Link to this post, Shonali’s post or even the Blue Key Campaign website to get them involved.
  • Tell your network on Twitter about the campaign, sharing a link to any of the three suggestions above and use the hashtag #bluekey.
  • If you’re so inclined, pray for refugees everywhere. We’re awfully lucky people. Let’s spread some of that karma around a bit.

I’ll report back on how the campaign turned out at some point so we can learn from their exercise. In the meantime, help them move the needle.

Thanks for reading and participating.

IMAGE: By Jodi Gersh.

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