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How Businesses are Using Social Media to Refer Other Businesses
How Businesses are Using Social Media to Refer Other Businesses

Social media plays a big role in everyday life. There was once a time when social media was just for fun; a place where people posted pictures and didn’t say all that much. But now, people are posting every detail of their lives on social media.

In the business world, social media has also become important.


  • Businesses that respond to customer comments and complaints quickly are praised.
  • Businesses can generate leads on social media.
  • Social media can become the cornerstone of a business’s marketing plan.
  • Social media can also become a way to cross-promote other businesses and generate a strong network of professionals.

Networking and referrals are becoming a major part of social media, and businesses are doing this in a few ways.

Businesses Referring Businesses on Social Media

I’ve seen it happen a lot: one business refers another on social media. This works very well on the local level, but it also works very well for internet-based services. How many times have you seen someone recommend HootSuite?

Oftentimes, the recommendation comes from a client that uses the service.

HootSuite offered a tool to fit their client’s need, and it turned out to be a referral as well.

It’s great to see businesses that use the services of others promoting these other businesses. If you’re happy with a SaaS or you just had a local landscaper do an amazing job, turn to social media to praise them.

Not only will the other business take notice, but these posts also drive engagement and may be returned by the other business in the future.

Businesses Referring Clients Who Use Their Service

I’ve seen a lot of businesses referring their clients, and this is a great way to create relationships, boost credibility and even generate sales. If you take a look at this post, you’ll see a few things happening.

First, Canadian Tire just received free promotion because of their new charging solutions for businesses that were just installed.

Second, you’ll find a link back to Flo, the installer’s blog, where they also promote Canadian Tire. This seems like a great deal for Canadian Tire because they receive a lot of free promotion in the process.

But Flo is also promoting their work to their followers.

If you go to Canadian Tire and use their charging stations, you may want to add the same charging station at your business. Flo is able to show how they performed work on the charging station, and the company is also generating some buzz for their client.

Think of this as a way to:

  • Boost a B2B relationships
  • Generate buzz for both businesses
  • Gain the favor of a client

Maybe Canadian Tire gets a few additional customers from the post, but Flo will also demonstrate their work in the real-world as well as build a deeper relationship with one of their clients.

Social media can do it all, and oftentimes, you can build a strong following and business by referring other clients and businesses that you work with or have done work for in the past.

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