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How SMBs are using video marketing in 2020
How SMBs are using video marketing in 2020

Study after study shows that small businesses (SMBs) know (and rank) video marketing as the most important tactic in their social arsenal. Knowing and doing, however, are two very different things. Most SMBs never follow through on a video marketing strategy due to a lack of planning, resources or both.

In order to ensure video marketing success it’s important to know your:

  1. Video marketing strategy and planning guide; and
  2. Allocation of resources and budget.

Your video marketing strategy and planning guide doesn’t have to be an overwhelming document. It should contain a timeline of videos you plan to create and launch, style, voice, social content, budget (for paid ads) and any other details important to your team. Planning guides can be created for 30, 60 or even 90-day timeframes (think in terms of business quarters). Having a plan in place makes it more likely you’ll follow through on creating and sharing videos that connect you with your customers.

Part of a small team? Not a problem. Come up with a system that works for you. Assign months to specific individuals, hire and intern and, most important, always have a second set of eyes for final approval to look for visual, grammatical and brand errors.

Once you have those things in place, you can better value this in depth analysis of exactly how SMBs create these videos, reach their audiences and reach their business goals.

In a newly launched study from, feedback from 500 SMB marketers from around the world shared their insights.

Here are the most important takeaways:

  • 76% spend less than 20 minutes creating a video
  • 58% combine their own footage with stock videos – most use services like Unsplash (39%), Shutterstock (29%) and Getty Images (20%)
  • 38% said they spend up to $500 per month to advertise their videos in places like Facebook (83%), Instagram (63%) and YouTube (52%).

The video marketing field has become more democratized with all-in-one platforms that allow you to create, share and monitor. All SMBs should have a video marketing strategy in place that, at a very basic level, includes the style, voice and content unique to your brand.

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