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How Social Media Affects Tax Audit Lawyers
How Social Media Affects Tax Audit Lawyers

Social media is constantly changing the world and the way we do things. Now social media is even changing and affecting lawyers of all kinds. As always, social media comes with its own benefits and drawbacks.

It is uncommon for any business or person not to have Twitter, Instagram, or a Facebook page. With how quickly social media is growing, it is right to assume that it will begin affecting other things. This includes law firms and their lawyers.


Law firms get a lot of exposure as it is, and now because of social media that exposure has tripled. You can easily reach a lot of your target audience and make it even more targeted. You can get information to people who care about what you and your lawyers have to say.

Readers or clients who receive more info about your lawyers will become loyal to you. Actively using facebook or blogging will make your brand more well known to others.

Lawyers like a tax audit lawyer can have more direct conversations with clients. These conversations can be had at any time of the day. Clients can refer other people to your law firm and lawyers using their social media.

You can get feedback from your clients and employees. Your lawyers and law firms can have their reputations spread worldwide.


Social media allows you to spy on people like potential employee candidates. Using the information you find from this to make a decision is not ethical. You might feel that lawyers on social media affect privacy and confidence negatively.

Ethical and professional codes might not be adapted or applied correctly. There are so many risks that are associated with social media and legal practices.

Many find problems with those who share private info such as court or client information. The main drawbacks with this are privacy, the client’s integrity, and professionalism.

Even though having people know about your lawyers and firms is a good thing, it can become a drawback. If people have only bad things to say or your company has a bad reputation, then this will only be disastrous. 

This is why it is essential to make sure you watch your lawyers and your law firm’s reputation.

Changes In Marketing and Income

Lawyers and law firms can advertise using platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Being able to advertise will improve marketing and how much income the attorneys get. You can get advice on income tax audits to people using things like YouTube videos.

Marketing was changed for the better because of social media platforms. A lawyer can get even more clients through these platforms. With the increase in marketing and clientele, there will be a similar increase in income.

The Verdict

Social media affects lawyers of all kinds in a more positive way than negative. Yes, there are some risks that should be considered. Tax audit lawyers can really benefit from the use of these social media platforms.

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