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How to Use Social Media to Offer Home Improvement Services
How to Use Social Media to Offer Home Improvement Services

If you offer home improvement services, social media is a great place to find your ideal clients. That’s because people are constantly scouring social media for advice and recommendations. When someone has an issue in their home, they immediately begin asking questions online and looking for someone to take the initiative to help. If you take the opportunity to be proactive instead of reactive on social media, you’ll find yourself always finding clients and people in need of your business. Here’s how to use social media to have the best success in offering your home improvement services.

Build Your Social Media Page

Social media reaches a wide range of people and luckily, you can curate your social media feeds to reach people in your geographical area. In order to position yourself as an expert, you’ll want to have a legitimate and professional-looking social media page set up. Once you have that setup, people will often come to you after doing a search. Use your social media page to show before and after photos of services. Include reviews from people online. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Think of this as your introduction to the community and what you can offer them.

Join Local Neighborhood Groups

Lots of people on social media will join neighborhood groups as a way to connect with others, get advice, and find services. People will frequently make posts on social media looking for help with certain issues in their homes, especially if something is broken. If your services line up with what they’re looking for, you can comment to them publicly so that others can also see what you provide. This has a beneficial snowball effect. You can also message people personally and form a more intimate connection where you offer advice and show how you can help. Sometimes, talking to people first leads to better business outcomes.

Constantly Monitor Comment Sections

Whenever you can, position yourself as an expert on social media. People will frequently make public posts looking for advice on something in their home. Things are constantly breaking and people are constantly looking for ways to improve things. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of suggesting professional cleaning to make a big difference in a home. People often don’t realize how small preventative maintenance and routine deep cleans can lead to fewer long-term issues.

Offer Friendly Advice

No matter what, you always want to be super friendly on social media. There are quite a few home improvement services, and while many promise the same line of services, they don’t always deliver that with exceptional customer service. That’s how you can stand apart from the rest. People don’t typically forget things on social media and what is posted tends to live forever.

Overall, people seek out a lot of advice for home improvement services online. Often, these are minor questions or small repairs. If you offer any sort of service, social media is where you can highlight your expertise, affordability, and professionalism. It’s an inexpensive way to build a brand and a reputation when used properly.

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