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How to Use Social Media to Promote Kratom
How to Use Social Media to Promote Kratom

Opioid users and PTSD sufferer call kratom a godsend in the treatment of their disorders. Advocates say that kratom fends off depression, pain and anxiety. Even some scientists agree that it may serve as an aid for treating addiction and reducing chronic pain as an alternative to opioids.

Those interested in marketing kratom for use or sale face barriers of recognition and trust that can be overcome with education, primarily through effective social media management and online resources such as this testimonial on one user’s personal journey with kratom.

What Information Should You Share On Social Media?

Providing correct information about kratom is one of the best ways to promote it and to build trust with prospective users. Share some basic information on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms and encourage visitors to pass on your informational and promotional posts.

What is Kratom?

Kratom comes from a tropical tree found in Southeast Asia. Its leaves bring on psychotropic effects that have caused concern at the DEA and among a few state governments. Kratom is easily available online and most people consume it in a pill or capsule. Less common uses include chewing the leaves or drying them to make tea. In rarer cases, the leaves may be eaten or smoked.

2016 Proposal to Add Kratom to Schedule 1 Drugs

In 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was planning to classify the drugs as an “imminent hazard” to public health. This would have put it in the same category as LSD, heroin and ecstasy. The DEA withdrawal and backstepping on kratom’s status followed a period of public comment and a congressional request to hold off for further study.

Kratom’s Legal Status Today

Kratom is legal in the United States. There are only four states (Indiana, Vermont, Wisconsin and Tennesse) that have passed laws prohibiting the use of kratom. It’s important to highlight kratom’s legal status in the vast majority of states in the United States and in countries about the world.

Recommended Hashtags

Recommended hashtags include: #kratomislegal, #kratomforpain, and #kratomnotopioids.

Using both personal and business accounts to spread the word lets you reach a larger audience and may help you build momentum for online or storefront distribution.

How People Obtain Kratom

There are few if any dedicated kratom shops, so most people buy it at stores that sell tobacco or marijuana products. These are sometimes called “head shops.” Equipment associated with kratom use includes bongs, pipes, cigarette lighters and weighing scales. If a shop near you doesn’t offer kratom, ask if they can reach to their distribution channel to get it.

Savvy marketing includes creating sites and social media accounts that provide a platform for people to discuss their personal experiences. These portals can serve as a forum for visitors to share reliable vendors in their area. Awareness is key and it’s also what blocked the DEA from outlawing kratom in 2016.

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