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How to Write Interesting Articles for People
How to Write Interesting Articles for People

Article writing is one of the most popular content writer jobs on the internet right now. Without good content, online businesses cannot convert. As an article writer, you have a tough job of creating content that people will want read. If your target audience doesn’t read your article, it means your client will not achieve their marketing objectives.  If readers find your article interesting, they will most likely follow through and visit the landing page. This is the first and crucial step in the purchase journey.

This article offers tips to make your articles interesting for your target readers. Read on.

  1. Find Out About Your Target Audience

You can only interest your readers if you know them well.  Audience research is a crucial step which unfortunately many article writers ignore. If you want people to read your article, you must dig deep and find out their likes and dislikes.  

Your content should have a connection with your reader and for this reason, you need to take time to understand them. To write an interesting article, don’t rush but instead, take time to research and understand your target readers.

  1. Find an Interesting Topic

If the subject doesn’t interest you, it is highly likely you will not give it your best. This, in turn, means your target audience will not find your article interesting.  The best writers look for topics they have some interest in and then work hard to interest the reader.

Look for an area where your passion lies and write on such a topic. You will not only find it easy to find the content for your article but your passion will also show in the final product.  It is easy to write a lively and engaging article if your heart is in it and you will naturally infuse an infectious enthusiasm into the piece.

  1. Focus on the Reader

They say the customer is king and hence in content marketing, your focus should be on the target reader. Using the second person point of view “you,” is a smart way of turning the attention on the reader. It is a simple technique to speak directly to your reader and they will find a connection with your work. Readers will feel part of the article and they will connect with the subject more easily.

  1. Include Fascinating Details

72% of marketers say content marketing increases engagementand this makes content writer jobs a crucial part of the marketing strategy. There’s a lot of information available to the modern day consumer and if you want to interest such an individual, you have to go to extra lengths.

As an article writer, you have to dig and provide fascinating details that your reader might not have seen yet. Include fascinating data, quotations, facts, surveys or any information that would naturally interest you as a reader. Such information must be relevant to your readers.

  1. Write in Active Voice

Use action words in your article if you want to keep readers glued to your articles. There’s a better connection between a reader and content if it is in the active voice.  Writing in passive makes your article plain and bland and readers will most likely turn off before they finish reading.

Image 1: An article writer hard at work Other writing techniques include asking rhetorical questions, avoiding repetition and cliché statements, writing short sentences and paragraphs, writing in a conversational style, rigorous editing and proofreading and using sample papers from sources such as WriteZillas.

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