How To Drive Tweets With Your Presentations
How To Drive Tweets With Your Presentations
How To Drive Tweets With Your Presentations

I joke that Dan Zarrella has too much time on his hands. The “social media scientist” has been researching the social behaviors behind many social media tools long before HubSpot noticed and gobbled him up. The insights that he’s produced from that research over the years has been a mixed batch of awesomeness that has helped build better tools and refine social media marketing behavior for more efficient use of the tools.

Now Zarrella has turned his attention to conference presentations and, more specifically, how to amplify the effectiveness of them through social media. Since I give a lot of talks, I am interested in his insights. Since many of you may either presently, or in the future, take your social media expertise to the podium, I wanted to share some of those with you. I asked Dan for a sneak peek at his research, which he’ll present with a free webinar on August 19, and he was kind enough to share a nice takeaway with us.

What makes you Tweet about a presentation?

From Dan:

In my research, I found that how often your audience can Tweet about your presentation is limited by how much time they have (labeled as “trying to focus” in the graph above). If they find your talk engaging and interesting, they will probably want to pay as attention and can have some difficulty in pulling themselves away for a few minutes to mention you on Twitter.

I also found that 6.5% of people who took my survey only Tweeted “pithy” soundbites. Soundbites that are under 140 characters and can be understood on Twitter, outside of the greater context of the presentation.

One easy way to add a bit of contagiousness to your presentation and take advantage of my findings is to use “Tweetable Takeaway Slides.” I gave a webinar in June about Facebook marketing that was the 8th most Tweeted about topic, and I credit the takeaway slides for part of that success.

A takeaway slide from Dan Zarrella

My takeaway slides used the format shown above. I included my username and the webinar’s hashtag as well as Twitter bird logo to really drive home the fact that these were “Tweetable.” Slides like these will allow you to pause for a second to let your audience Tweet about your without losing focus or missing anything, and it they will for you to write pithy sound bites perfect for Tweeting.

The takeaway slide insight is just one of the many cool ideas Dan will share on the webinar and in the ebook (also free). You can download the eBook now and register for the August 19th Science of Presentations webinar. See you there.

Oh, and Dan is also the author of The Social Media Marketing Book (affiliate link) which is well worth your investment.

What ideas do you have leading into Dan’s talk that might help make your presentations more conducive to Tweeting, sharing and generating online buzz? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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