Checking In With Location-Based Service Whrrl
Checking In With Whrrl … At Whrrl
Checking In With Whrrl … At Whrrl

If you subscribe to my monthly newsletter, you know when it comes to location-based services, I’m quite partial to Whrrl. Unlike Foursquare or Gowalla, there’s more to Whrrl than checking in and getting coupons. Whrrl allows you to annotate your visit with notes, images and more to create virtual scrapbooks of your event or visit. (Think a child’s T-ball game.) When there are more Whrrl users at an event, you can tie the stories together on the location’s page and see what other users are adding to the scrapbooks.

But the system is more than checkin and build content. There’s a full gaming component, recommendations and referrals and even real world activation for businesses and corporate partners. (Yes, Whrrl has opportunities for you to partner with them to drive real foot traffic to your location and take the concept of viral spread off-line. Watch the video. You’ll get it.)

During my recent trip to Seattle, I visited Whrrl’s offices and sat down with parent company Pelago CEO Jeff Hoden and product manager John Kim to talk about Whrrl.

Check out Whrrl. And if you’re close to a Murphy USA, give that a spin too. You could win free gas and more. Nice!

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