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Improving a Social Media Strategy by Not Becoming a Robot
Improving a Social Media Strategy by Not Becoming a Robot

Social media connects the world. Businesses can connect with potential clients, customers, partners and suppliers from around the world without even thinking of leaving their seat. It’s a marketing channel that brands have used to build brand equity and get their name in front of billions of people.

And social media has become a vital aspect of any viable marketing plan.

The problem is that a lot of that plan consists of “post often, post more, stay active.” These are all good thoughts, but there’s also the concern that the posts will become robotic. It is not easy to find a cheap writer to get an essay. I have had first-hand experience with this, too.

Take a look at some of the top influencers on Twitter; those with hundreds of thousands or more followers. When I follow these individuals, I expected quality posts that I can relate to and grow from. But the posts all became robotic in nature.

“Get this great free guide, buy this amazing product, visit my site.” Nothing seemed to be genuine or well-planned.

I have also followed some of these influencers on different social media sites where they’ll provide the great information that I was interested in reading. The problem? Perhaps, these individuals didn’t find value in a platform, or it could be that they have only so many resources at their disposal to keep a page properly updated.

For a small business or someone trying to break into a niche, you can follow these tips to avoid becoming a robot.

1. Ditch Automation for Most Posts

Buffer and Hootsuite, among many others, offer post scheduling, which can help you boost your social media presence. But, you need to start writing your posts manually. Imagine trying to find an essay writer and you find out that this writer just writes essays that they keep available for a niche client.

None of their work is really geared towards the essay you request, so you get an essay that is “C” quality versus an “A.”

This is like automation. You can schedule posts for the next month. But if that’s all that you do, you’ll miss hot topics, comments and the things that make you human.

2. Keep Conversations Going

Elon Musk responds to people on Twitter, so you should be, too. It’s important to respond to people and keep the conversation going. When you’re “above” responding, this leads to lack of engagement.

Ditch the auto responses when someone follows you and start conversing with followers a much as possible.

3. Mix It Up for Best Results

When posts start becoming redundant, they become boring. You need to aim for a good mix of post types and quality. This means:

  • Sharing personal information
  • Asking questions
  • Responding to individuals in a post
  • Sharing blog content
  • Educating your audience

Mix things up to avoid becoming the redundant, boring account that people don’t want to follow.

4. Emulate the Profiles You Enjoy

Start analyzing social media accounts of successful people in your niche, or anyone that you seem to be fully engaged with when following. The goal is to see what these individuals are doing – right and wrong. If you see folks gaining new Instagram followers quickly, and also see high engagement rates, emulate that!

The goal is to emulate these profiles.

This doesn’t mean using their posts as your own. Instead, just analyze what they’re doing that is helping them find success. Tweak your strategy and before you post, sit down and ask yourself: “Does this post have a purpose?”

If not, delete it and start over.

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