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Instapromote Review & 10 More Effective Alternatives
Instapromote Review & 10 More Effective Alternatives

you run a brand, business or blog, you need to have a presence on social
media.  It’s simply unavoidable in modern
times. Your prospective customers and clients are using these platforms. You
need to go where they are. No matter what your niche, chances are good that
your target audience is using Instagram. It’s the second most popular social
media site only after Facebook.

a successful Instagram account requires engagement. That means you’ll need a
quality following who likes what you have to offer and interacts with your
account. In a crowded marketplace, it can be really hard to obtain this type of
engagement on your own. That’s where Instagram growth services come in.

These tools can help you to grow your account rapidly by providing you with automatic likes and followers. Sometimes services like comments, views and post scheduling can also be added.

One such service you may have heard of is Instapromote. Keep reading below to get an honest Instapromote review, along with a list of ten more effective Instagram tools you may wish to check out.

Top Instapromote Alternatives

1. ViralRace

2. YoViral

3. CheapIGFollowers

4. FriendlyLikes

5. Growthoid

6. AlwaysViral

7. Plusmein

8. Krootez

9. Get Real Boost

10. Follower Packages

What Is Instapromote?

is an Instagram promotion tool that lets you buy Instagram likes, followers,
views and comments. They claim to have a marketing network that “generates
1000s of new visitors on a regular basis.” They also say they will provide you
with followers and likes within an hour of placing your order.

goal of this service is to boost your brand on social media, specifically
Instagram. This is the only social media platform Instapromote currently works
with. The Instapromote website says they offer “top rated service”, “high
quality Instagram promotion”, “customized promotion solutions”, “individual
social media marketing consulting” and “24/7 customer care.”

According to Instapromote, they “guarantee only the best followers on the web.” However, they don’t go on to say how they can make such a guarantee or how they obtain their network of followers for you. They do say they have a team of marketing experts with “over 10 years of expertise.”

In addition, they boast of having “over 100,000 pleased customers.” They claim your account won’t get banned because they won’t “break any guidelines and terms of Instagram,” and that “your profile will always be protected.”

Features of Instapromote

offers a fairly standard list of promotions for Instagram. These include the
purchase of followers, likes views and comments. You can purchase these
features in various quantities, choosing only the ones you need.

also offers these claims with their services:

  • Best prices
  • High quality Instagram
  • Customized promotion
  • Individual social media
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Genuine followers
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • No password required
  • Safe PayPal payments

Instapromote Plans and Prices

does offer a wide variety of plans and pricing. You can mix and match various
amounts of likes, followers, views, and comments as you see fit. Let’s take a
look at some examples.


100 Followers: $2.95

500 Followers: $6.95

1000 Followers: $12.95


100 Likes: $2.95

500 Likes: $6.95

1000 Likes: $12.95

2500 Likes: $29.95

5000 Likes: $39.95


10 Comments: $2.95

25 Comments: $5.95

50 Comments: $9.95

100 Comments: $17.95

200 Comments: $34.95

of this writing, there is no price listing for buying Instagram views, though
you can fill out a form to request a package.

addition, you can get automated likes at $10 per 100 and customized auto likes for
$1 per 100.

Pros and Cons of Instapromote

with any service, Instapromote has its pros and its cons. Unfortunately, this
site seems to have a number of negative reviews across the web with users
complaining that followers received often fall off due to Instagram purges.
Others claim they did not receive their followers or likes. In addition, many
say that customer service is nonexistent and does not return messages.

taking a look at the website should raise some red flags. The writing does not
seem professional, and the site makes rather vague claims and promises that
don’t seem to be backed up by evidence. The reviews given offer only a first
name, which is also quite suspicious.


  • Secure site
  • Accepts PayPal and major
    credit cards
  • Does not require passwords
  • Various plans


  • Questionable testimonials
  • Lost followers
  • Unpredictable delivery
  • Slow customer service

Final Thoughts About Instapromote

are a number of reasons to consider alternatives to Instapromote. Simply going
by user reviews on various sites across the web, you’ll find that the responses
lean heavily toward the negative. Many claim they never received the likes or
followers they paid for. Others say they were unable to get a response from
customer service. This is concerning, to say the least.

always a wise idea to look to outside sources for reviews, as testimonials on
websites like those on Instapromote can be unverifiable. Proceed with caution
if you decide to give this Instagram promotion service a try.

let’s take a look at some alternatives to Instapromote that might be worth

1. ViralRace

is a good alternative to Instapromote because you can buy 100% genuine and
engaged followers, along with high-quality views. In addition, their platform
pushes your content to real and active Instagrammers who like the type of
content you have to offer. You’ll gain new followers much more quickly through
ViralRace than you could on your own.

appreciate being able to obtain followers immediately or gradually, depending
upon your preference. ViralRace sends you likes automatically upon posting. This
system will provide you with much-needed social proof and help you to
potentially reach Instagram’s discovery page.

2. YoViral

also lets you buy real followers that are active and engaged, as well as views
that are of the highest quality. Get them delivered right away or at a more
gradual pace, depending upon your preferred method. With a recurring package,
you can have likes sent automatically to your content as soon as it’s posted.

influencers and brands are currently using YoViral, so you can have confidence
in their platform. With their simple two-click ordering process, you can get
started quickly. Just plug in your username and select the services you need,
then you’ll get your order delivered according to your requirements.

3. CheapIGFollowers

CheapIGFollowers is a popular social media promotion site that focuses specifically on Instagram. It can provide you with both followers and likes. Setting up a profile and making your purchase is easy through their user-friendly interface. You’ll have your package delivered seamlessly within five minutes to an hour, depending upon the features and amounts you request.

are lots of positive reviews across the web for this company’s 24/7 customer
support. This is good news, as many other companies of this kind leave their
customers hanging when they need support. CheapIGFollowers offers some unique
services you won’t find elsewhere such as power likes, targeted followers and special
monthly offers.

4. FriendlyLikes

FriendlyLikes has been around for awhile and has gained a positive reputation. Their followers are genuine, and you don’t have to worry about them falling off soon after you purchase them. You’ll receive just what you order and can expect high-quality likes, in addition to real and active followers.

Delivery is fast, usually within just a couple days, depending on the size of your order. You’ll get a confirmation of processing within 24 hours. For added peace of mind, FriendlyLikes offers a two-year free refill protection plan and money-back guarantee.

So you’re protected in the case of any lost followers. Finally, customer support is great, offering quick response when you need it.

5. Growthoid

Growthoid is a manual Instagram growth service, which means that it’s a completely safe method of getting Instagram followers. All engagement is genuine & authentic, with all followers being 100% real and active.

It doesn’t use bots or automation. There aren’t many services like this on the market, so get in quick with this one. Growthoid is a premium service for serious brands and influencers, get on board today.


offers services for a variety of social media sites, not just Instagram. They
provide marketing products for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter,
Spotify and SoundCloud. This could be quite advantageous if you manage social
media across the board for one or more businesses.

it comes to Instagram, AlwaysViral allows you to purchase followers, likes,
comments and views. They have a professional looking and user-friendly website
and responsive customer service. If you do have a problem, you can take
advantage of their retention policy and money-back guarantee. So you should
have peace of mind in giving AlwaysViral a try.

7. Plusmein

Plusmein is an Instagram promotion service that also lets you buy followers, likes, views and comments for Instagram. In addition, you can purchase video views.

They don’t currently service any other social media platforms. You can try them out and get 15 free followers with no obligation in order to get a feel for their offering. They also currently offer a 40% – 50% off discount on their follower packages. That might be worth checking out.

offer fast delivery of bulk Instagram likes and followers. This site gains
legitimacy with its testimonials that offer both a first and last name. They
also have a secured server to provide you with peace of mind that your
sensitive information will be safe. Unfortunately, they only offer support by
phone and email, no instant chat.

8. Krootez

Krootez is a service that provides high-quality likes and followers for your account. You can also purchase views. They give you an initial boost by sharing your images within their network to get you started even faster. As the name suggests, they currently only service Instagram, no other social media platforms.

added service they offer is auto likes. This provides likes for up to five
posts per day within 10 – 20 minutes. This is a helpful option for those
wishing to boost their profile quickly. They accept most credit cards and offer
a 100% money back guarantee.

9. Get Real Boost

Real Boost offers social media promotion for more than just Instagram. This is
great news for social media managers who are in charge of the full online
presence of one or more brands. In addition to Instagram, they offer services
geared toward improving your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud accounts.

Real Boost lets you buy quality followers, likes and comments. They provide
quick delivery and have a responsive customer care team you can count on. In
addition the Get Real Boost website is easy to navigate. Just choose your
package and get started immediately.

10. Follower Packages

Packages is a social media boosting service that offers a broad range of prices
and packages to fit the needs of nearly everyone. They’re also quite
affordable. They deliver promptly and also offer quick customer support.
There’s someone available 24/7. You won’t be left hanging if you should happen
to have an issue.

can expect high-quality Instagram followers and likes. They also provide
promotion services for YouTube, Facebook and SoundCloud. They offer 100% secure
payment guarantee, along with a 100% safe delivery guarantee.

Hopefully, this Instapromote review gives you the information you need to make an informed decision regarding this service. As you can see, there are plenty of alternatives to Instapromote for your consideration that offer trustworthy results and quality service.

Investing in an Instagram growth tool is definitely worth your consideration and can help to give you a competitive boost to be seen by your desired audience.

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