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Is Kenji a Scam? Our Review
Is Kenji a Scam? Our Review

those looking to grow an Instagram account – either in terms of follower count,
engagement, or both, there is no shortage of options available to choose from.
There are a variety of services out there marketed as Instagram growth
platforms. Some of them are automation tools, while others offer an agency
approach with real humans taking control of (and thereby having full access to)
your account.

help you decide which platform will help you reach your goals the fastest,
we’re taking a closer look at Kenji, and offering 18 alternatives to get the
job done.

Top Kenji Alternatives

  1. ViralRace
  2. YoViral
  3. Blastup
  4. Krootez
  5. SocialSensei
  6. Poprey
  7. Trusy
  8. Gramista
  9. FriendlyLikes
  10. Instato
  11. Skweezer
  12. Fanbump
  13. iDigic
  14. Leogram
  15. WorkMacro
  16. FuelGram
  17. ZenPromo
  18. Upleap

What Is Kenji?

is an AI powered bot designed to help you grow your Instagram presence. It says
it is optimized to operate within Instagram’s terms of service so that you do
not get your account bands. It uses machine-learning so it gets more efficient
over time.

with Kenji requires you to connect your Instagram account to their dashboard
and provide information about your targeting preferences which include
locations or hashtags you’d like them to Target. After you’ve done this, their
Instagram bot will do its work and find people that could be interested in your

Features of Kenji

like many bot companies out there, offers things like hashtag and location
targeting. You’ll also get smart targeting and performance analytics but those
additional features vary depending on which plan you sign up for. They offer a
free trial and do not require you to provide your credit card details.

allows you to tell Kenji about some account you’d like to copy and Kenji will
target their followers. The AI bot programmatically optimizes who to Target to
organically build more followers for you

keywords helps you find people who are not happy with your competition so you
can present them with an alternative. Note that both hypertarget and negative
keyword features are only available on the higher tier plan.

Kenji Plans and Prices

offers two plans. The first one is $19 a month or $0.63 per day. It includes
the Blacklist, unlimited hashtags, high speed and location targeting. You’ll
get a 30% discount if you opt for a yearly plan, Paying $159 per year or just
$0.44 per day.

other plan is $29 a month or $0.96 per day and includes a speed boost along
with Hypertarget, and negative keywords. You also get a 30% discount on this
plan if you choose to pay annually making it $243 per year or just $0.67 per

Pros and Cons

offers a number of benefits to their service. Though, according to reviews
across the internet, there are some cons as well. Let’s take a look.


  • A help page is included on
    their site to assist you if you run into any issues
  • Their website is secure
  • Transparency about packages
    and pricing


  • No customer support chat
  • Limited payment options
  • Questionable quality of
  • Speed of delivery

Final Thoughts

Kenji may be an all right platform to use as long as you do not try to push it to the maximum. Too much activity too soon can alert Instagram to the fact that you are using a bot and could end up getting your account banned.

If you really want to grow your Instagram following organically with high-quality followers and engagement, you’re better off looking at one of the alternatives in the list below.

1. ViralRace

ViralRace is an Instagram growth platform that makes it easy for you to buy 100% real and engaged followers. In addition to followers, you can also purchase likes and high-quality views. The platform sends your content to real active Instagrammers who are predisposed so like content that’s similar to yours.

This is how they rapidly generate real likes and followers for your account. When you order their services, you can choose between a gradual or immediate delivery. You can also purchase automatic likes, which are delivered immediately upon posting.

As the leading engagement marketplace for businesses and influencers who want to build social proof to reach the discovery page faster and attract more brand deals, you can’t go wrong with viral race

2. YoViral

YoViral is a service that is similar to
ViralRace. With it, you can purchase real likes and high-quality Instagram
views from real active Instagrammers. You can choose between immediate or
gradual delivery based on what you need. Buying a monthly plan means the
platform will detect any new content uploads within 30 seconds and send likes

Since there aren’t any daily limits, you’ll receive your requested number of likes for each post you make no matter how active your account is. It only takes a few seconds to order with their two click service.

All you need to do is plug in your username and choose your plan. Your order will then be delivered according to your preference. Major brands and mega influencers are already using YoViral with a great deal of success.

3. Blastup

Blastup is another marketplace where you can purchase real Instagram likes, followers, and views. It is set up for a one-time purchase or a monthly rate.

The flat monthly rate gives you an automatic like system so you get likes as soon as you upload any new content to your account. Blast up also offers the option to download videos and pictures that you can use on your Instagram account.

They make it easy to keep up with your
follower account without logging into Instagram because all you have to do is
type in your username on their website and get your follower account instantly.

4. Krootez

With Krootez, you can buy Instagram followers, likes, and views. There are a number of packages available at numerous price points so you can buy what you can afford as well as what you need to meet the goals of your social media strategy.

 All orders are delivered quickly and use only authentic and active accounts that are within your target audience. Krootez also gives you the option to purchase customized followers and automatic like packages so you can start getting engagement on any new content right away.

5. SocialSensei

like what we’ve covered so far in this list, social Sensei is an agency
approach to your social media management and growth. after you create an
account with them and provide information about your target audience and goals,
the team developed a custom social media strategy to help you build your
audience paste on the community that is most likely to support you.

You will be assigned to a dedicated account manager and have the option for them to create your content for you as well for an additional fee.

Services they offer include retouching photos, creating infographics, editing videos and more. In addition to Instagram, they also work with YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest so if you wish to invest in their services for those platforms you must purchase those plans separately.

6. Poprey

Poprey is a social media marketing company based in France that provides services at the global level. They allow you to purchase Instagram followers, likes, automatic likes, views, and comments.

You can handle everything within a single dashboard. In addition to Instagram, they also offer services for Facebook and YouTube accounts.

7. Trusy

As one of the newest Instagram growth services on this list, Trusy offers several plans to choose from. Each plan includes a free account audit so you can get some guidance on your social media strategy.

This company does not use a bot, and instead uses a completely human approach to grow your Instagram account. As such, plans are more expensive, starting at nearly $200/month unless you catch a sale.

8. Gramista

Gramista is an Instagram automation tool that promises you’ll get authentic new followers and engagement. By liking and commenting on photos and videos on the account you wish to Target, you will pop up in their notifications.

The idea is that they will reciprocate the engagement and begin to follow you. You can use a variety of filters such as gender, account types, locations, and more to build your targeted audience.

9. FriendlyLikes

FriendlyLikes is a social media marketing platform that makes use of machine learning in artificial intelligence to help you grow your engagement and reached.

The natural growth will come from real active Instagram users who are targeted to your niche.  It too uses the principle of reciprocation to help you build your following.

10. Instato

Instato is an Instagram bot that makes it easy for you to follow, unfollow, like, and post content automatically. It is fully automated and works 24/7. You are in full control of the settings so that is Stato Works according to your preferences and needs.

You can get a free trial so you see how it works before you commit. It is one of the few services on the market that lets you manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard. You can choose from a variety of plans with different features and price points to fit your budget and strategy needs

11. Skweezer

Skweezer is  a marketplace where you can buy followers, active followers, likes, and views. Each account is real and active.

This approach works because each account that follows you receives a portion of your order payment in exchange for that activity. Skweezer maintains that they do not use bots to deliver their services.

12. FanBump

FanBump is another agency style approach to Instagram growth. You’ll get a one-on-one phone consultation with an account manager so they can learn about your brand and goals before they get to work.

They will provide you with real active and engaged followers to help you grow your presents. They focus on building relationships that will help you strengthen your credibility and influence.

13. iDigic

iDigic is an Instagram growth marketplace that
makes it easy for you to purchase views, likes, and followers. Your activity
comes from real users and is delivered instantly. You have the freedom and
flexibility to split your order between multiple posts. iDigic does not require
you to provide any access to your account to receive services.

14. Leogram

Leogram is another Instagram where is platform
based on the principle of reciprocation. Using AI, the bot interacts with
people that are part of your target audience. The notification drives them back
to your profile in the hope that they will follow you and engage with your

The plans they offer are based on the number
of days you want to use the service ranging from 14 days to 360 days. Certain
plans include a free length of time to use the service.

15. WorkMacro

WorkMacroInstagram bot that allows you to
Target your ideal audience without using random or your fake accounts. Because
it works to find the most relevant and active Instagrammers to connect with,
you don’t have to worry about getting followers that aren’t relevant to you.

Work natural will music users they engage with
so you only engage with those who matter to you. The bot will follow, unfollow,
and like posts.

16. FuelGram

FuelGram is an Instagram engagement platform where influencers band together to Exchange likes and comments to improve their engagement and performance.

Add your account, join the groups and watch your engagement grow. Agents monitor your account so that all your uploads get detected as soon as you post which allows group members to start sending likes and engagement,

17. ZenPromo

ZenPromo is another automation platform that uses an AI algorithm to attract attention to your Instagram account. It works like Leogram by liking, following, and unfollowing people.

You can target based on location if desired. It comes with a free trial for a week so you can see how well it works before you buy it. It also offers other features, including analytics and ghost cleanup.

18. Upleap

With Upleap, your account is assigned to a
manager that is there to help you grow your account. They’ll get information
about your brand and the types of followers you want to attract, then take it
from there so all you have to focus on is content creation.

Upleap comes with a free three day trial with
no credit card required so you don’t have to commit if you’re not happy with
your results.

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