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Wedding Influencer On Social Media Gets A Divorce
Wedding Influencer On Social Media Gets A Divorce

Many people in today’s day and age follow social media influencers in various industries. It makes it easier to know what’s popular. Particularly when someone is getting married, following a wedding influencer makes it easier to stay up on all of the latest trends.

Social media, after all, is a great way to learn about a stunning engagement ring set, get ideas for various wedding themes, and more.

However, what happens when a social media influencer who spends all of her time talking to brides-to-be gets a divorce? Suddenly, all of her talk about weddings and it being the happiest time of their lives seems a bit tarnished.

Molly Rosen Guy has been a wedding influencer on Instagram since 2012 when she founded Stone Fox Bride in New York City. She went through a divorce, which also meant that she chose to put her business on a bit of a hiatus while she figured out how she needed to rebrand herself.

Guy knew that she wasn’t the only one who ever got a divorce, though. She decided that she needed to re-brand herself to appeal to some of the other brides who were in “messy transitional middle places” when they found themselves at the end of a marriage.

Guy decided to close her business, which she also became detached to after losing her father to cancer. She had never planned to be the face of weddings. Her plan was to be a writer. This has since led her to the idea of writing a memoir, which will be titled, “Blood and Diamonds.”

When Guy first graduated with an MFA in creative writing, she sold a novel that “turned into a disaster.” That is when she secured a $250,000 loan from her brother-in-law, opening up her wedding shop. Her goal was to create “cool” wedding attire for women who didn’t want a traditional wedding. The idea was sparked when she was preparing for her own wedding and found nothing that she actually wanted to wear. It soon blossomed to an online community of women who were looking for stylish options. It even led Guy to write a monthly column for Vogue.

It all went downhill after a divorce. She has two daughters with her ex-husband and they have decided to co-parent. Guy continues to keep it real on her Instagram page, talking openly about her marriage of seven years and the divorce that followed. She is still learning how to balance being a mother.

Although she is no longer selling wedding dresses and engagement rings, she is capitalizing on a new brand – women who are in transition.

Guy is also the first one to tell everyone that she is uncertain about her future. She doesn’t know if she’s ever going to design dresses or engagement rings ever again. She doesn’t know if she’s going to get married ever again. Right now, she’s working on healing and appealing to those who are in the same messy transition stage that she is in. She promises to keep it real and stay connected with her community in different ways, and her book will drop soon.

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